a Tycho kind of weekend

The soundtrack to the whole weekend was mostly Sasquatch bands that I was researching at the time. The one artist that stood out a whole lot was Tycho. His music is what Tofino sounds like, if Tofino had a theme song it would be the entire Dive album by Tycho. In fact you should probably start listening to it now and go back to the beginning of these posts and read them all again with an added element of understanding!
Our last day in Tofino was my actual birth date. My brother Danny and I played another round of the Dexter board game. Usually this game takes about a full hour or more to complete, but not this time. I won in the shortest amount of turns possible! Every hardware store I went to had my weapons, the first suspect I picked up was the one I was looking for and my location was a hop, skip and a jump away. Dexter would have been so proud!

Departure Bay

We left the cabin to spend our last few hours in town buying more nautical memorabilia for my attic, and sharing three pieces of cake from the bakery. We stopped off at Long Beach since it was the first full on sunny day and I wanted to write my postcards while sitting on driftwood in the sand. The only downside of parking at Long Beach is that it’s in a National Park, and by that I mean you have to pay about $30 to park your car for any length of time. As a special birthday request I left a note on the dashboard asking for the grace of Canada and the Queen majesty to forgive our parking debts just for today as it was my birthday and I only wanted to sit on the beach for a short period of time. We left the car in the parking lot, unpaid for and hoped that my master plan would not be foiled.
It worked brilliantly! I doubt anyone even came to check on it but I like to think someone with deep relations to the queen read my note and was beyond touched and walked right by.

Departure Bay

On our drive back to the ferry we stopped at a lake to stretch our legs and for me to realize i lost my favourite brown pen. I used that pen to write all my letters and postcards! I guess it would have died one day, but I wasn’t ready for it just yet. Such a silly thing to have an attachment to a pen, but come on, writing letters is almost my full time job. We stopped in Coombs to pick up more nougat, cheese and smoked maple salmon. The things I’d do and prices I’d pay for quality smoked salmon is pretty out there. It’s probably in my Top 10 favourite foods. The ferry ride home was during golden hour, and as much as I despise the wind I stayed out on the deck for about 45 minutes longing to be back in Tofino already.

Departure Bay


  • Hilarious Natalie…always enjoy your writing! Good on you not paying the parking fee on your Birthday…I’m proud of you!!!!! (: Have a great summer!

    Love, Lesley XO

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