Across the Street or Ocean

I was rummaging through my separate harddrive and found a folder full of scanned negatives that my dad gave me.
I thought i’d post some as proof that I was in Singapore once and that I did start skiing before I could run very fast.
I remember nothing of the world tour I did with my parents from ages 1-4. But the memories have to be in there somewhere right?
One day I’ll try and resurface them. Then write a book about it. “The life Adventure of Natalie Meteoroid, before she was a Meteoroid”

Fun fact: I couldn’t speak English in either of those photos. I don’t even know what exactly I spoke. A mixture of Polski-Czech.
Well, we all seemed to understand each other.

This past weekend was Jeff’s dads Birthday! Which means Collins family hang out times, delicious foods, and falling asleep on the bus home.
We usually have icecream cake (I personally don’t think icecream and cake should have mated, but i’ll still eat it! Obvs.) but this time we MADE a proper cake. A collective effort made entirely out of love.

I love cake more than chocolate. I love it more than listening to XMSatteliteU! Which I do everyday I’m home alone. I wish i ate cake everyday I was home alone…

Anyways. Remember all those pictures I posted about “being in my portfolio?” Well, PSYCH! None of those are going to be in it. Because I didn’t use a reflector to make them fancy! Look at this!

So thats the new standard. And I have a new game plan. Which includes a proper storyboard/nestboard.
By the time I have my project all done I will have figured out the Galleries section on here and you can all look at all the pictures. In order. And then buy a book with some sentences in them. That I will write.

Did anyone else hear the thunder this evening!?

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