Alki Beach

The morning started with my ritual sneeze and tissue fest, enhanced by my sleeping heads close proximity to the one open window in the room which looked over a street of pollinating cherry blossoms. I’m not complaining! It’s a gracious display of seasonal change that I embrace wholeheartedly. If it means I get to wear one less pair of pants and only a t-shirt, my nose will gladly pay the price! This is Day 2 of our Seattle trip by the way, in case you didn’t realize I wasn’t done summarizing our adventures.

Today was the day we had been anticipating for months, the Enter Shikari show. We had about ten hours to idle away, so we hopped on a water taxi and jetted over to West Seattle. From the city, West Seattle looks like an island, but its actually connected to the mainland if you looked at a map. Upon our arrival we find ourselves on a long seawall in a community that looks like the love child of White Rock and Tofino, with a few slips of DNA from Jericho beach. I found the temperate too low for my weak circulation, and my scarf turned headcover/shoulder cover was mostly a placebo, then again it was only 11 am. We decided to briskly power walk the rest of the way to the main part of the Alki Beach town. You won’t believe what we found. A store selling Toms. Of course we go in and both purchase a pair of Toms that were on sale. ON SALE. Who puts Toms on Sale? Alki Beach, thats who. I snagged the black and gold shimmers that have replaced my black sparkles as my fancy date shoes. We grabbed some drinks and snacks and headed for the sandy shores!


Can you tell from this angle that my nose is getting burned alive? We must have not moved from this position for hours because I ended up with a face/chest burn and Antonia got dealt a nice shoulders smoldering. We got lunch after this and I spent most the time with my ice water glass resting on my face. We hurried back to the hostel to make ourselves presentable for this evenings feature presentation. We christen the night with lavender Dry Soda and headed on our way to El Corazon.

After a surprisingly quick walk up (google maps told us it would be a twenty minute walk. It was more like eight) we found ourselves in the coolest all ages/21+ venue ever. Minus half the toilet stalls not having any toilet paper, you’re welcome Antonia, it was pretty legit. There was a lounge/bar for all us old people, all twenty five of us; at least we knew we wouldn’t be getting death punched by anybody in the crowd. The first band was pretty dang generic but you know what made it extremely sweet? The brother, dad, and grandpa of one of the lead singers, yeah…there were two, were all there looking like the proudest bunch of guys ever. My heart swelled at the outgoingness of his grandpa. I know for suresies that if any of my grandparents were alive they would not come to my hardcore screamo bands show and have a massive grin on their faces. Okay, my grandparents are from old country, it probably doesn’t count, but still, come on! Adorable! The second opening band was kind of psychotically intense, but they got us to move to the left side of the stage, this is important later on. Can I mention that this venue had carpet? This is a metal venue. What kind of magic carpet lives here that doesn’t need to be burned after every show? Take a deep breath because after this photo I’m about to get all emotional about the reason I’m still smiling.


Allow me to set the stage and mood. The lights go out completely, the cocoons in my stomach all explode at once with a thousand butterflies, and glaring searchlights start scanning the audience while a robotic Big Brother voice announces something about surveillance and I wish I could remember the rest but my brain has stopped most of its normal person functions by now. The light show suddenly starts and Enter Shikari are already on the stage starting up the songs System…/Meltdown. Within ten seconds I’ve slithering my way to the very front in front of Rory the dashing guitarist, far enough away from the stage divers but close enough to dance/flail and sing/yell in relative safety. Little background about why I love Enter Shikari so much: They are British. Rou brilliantly writes about the environment, sustainability, the zeitgeist movment, economical corruption and solutions, love, and unity. They morph post hardcore and dubstep like no one else. I’m pretty sure they are down with aliens. Basically all of my favorite things rolled into a musical experience.

Half way through the set I switch spots with Antonia who was right behind me and for the first time ever in my show going experience I have somehow created a half arms length radius around me that no one disturbs. I don’t know if it was because I was so into it, or because I was wearing my magic Shark Tank, or because it was the New Moon, but it was quite the luxury having my personal dance space. I am at a lose of words unfortunately at how to describe the whole show. You all have to come to the next one! That means you Ma! The set was a solid hour and half flash flood of colour that included a human pyramid, the guys hanging off the ceiling beams, Rou’s inventive dance moves, and love hugs from Rory. Life complete! At least for a few months.

Enter Shikari

On our refreshing night walk back we realized Seattle doesn’t have 7-11’s. We almost perished of thirst.

Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide.


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