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You’ll have to excuse my prolonged absence from the interweb this last half of the winter. Something happens to me every single post winter solstice; my soul travels to the far reaches of space to recharge and leaves me here to watch an unhealthy amount of high quality tv series. I like to assume I have impeccable taste when it comes to television programming, we need to swap favourite characters and storylines!
Now that I’m done astral projecting myself around the galaxy it’s time to get down to some serious adventuring. This upcoming year is going to be my most jam packed thus far. I don’t even think you know half the places I’ve dedicated myself to going this year. I’ll give you a quick point around the map to know what to expect in the coming months as far as me littering this page with anecdotes and photographs. We start with a little Seattle trip with Antonia, Tofino with my mom and Sarah, Sasquatch with my sister and or anyone else that would love to take me, Portugal and Spain with Mateo, West Coast road trip including Disneyland with Sarah and I’m determined to make it to New York in late September. You want to be my best friend now don’t you?


I suspect this blog doesn’t have nearly enough pictures of my attic house. About a month ago, while I was in a not so positive life frame, I swear I had a religious experience with my place. I’ve never felt so connected with my place of dwelling before. It happened while I was lying on my couch, I had the fir incense going, all my candles were lit, and I think I was listening to Apparat. I was so overcome with gratitude for being in that place at that exact moment. It was like magic! Disney magic I say! Anyways, I think you should come over and experience it for yourself. I might even pull out the Dexter board game or show you an episode of Portlandia.

community vintage

Check that sweater out! Seriously, that day I had struck vintage shop GOLD. You need to go to Community, I’ll even come with you. It’s the least pretentious vintage/thrift shop with prices that don’t make you question how many hours of work this would cost you. I’m a little peeved that Gastown got way more hip after I left but I guess it makes going down there on my days off more special. Back to my house! Does anybody else have to vacuum their ceilings for cobwebs? Not sure it’s because it’s slanted or wooden or because I’m in an attic but at a certain angle in the sunlight my ceiling is criss-crossed with silky webbing. Still want to sleep over? Only joking, my stuffed animals keep the actual spiders away from the bed. No guarantees about the floor tho, I vacuumed up a beast i caught under a mug today.

dying feet first

I’ll be right back to tell you about my last weekend!

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  • hey I didn’t comment but I’m still there reading, it’s nice to hear fresh news !
    LOVE the self portrait with the two mirrors ! (and that sweater… ouh la la)

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