Beach Birthday

Those photos I posted earlier were actually of the day I’m writing about today. It was the windiest and wettest environment I ever let my camera be in. If you faced the rain it felt like sharp pins entering your face at 90 degrees. It was beautiful. I am the first person to claim that wind is the most annoying friend you could ever have, but maybe because we were in Tofino I was completely in love with it. I was also content with being completely soaked. Big thanks to my Dad for buying me these super intense Cougar boots about 8 years ago that I still have for use in epic weather such as this.


Also big thanks to Sarah who planned the majority of this trip. She was the first person to take me here so it was really special to be back here with her and our friends again. We were also very cunning in our thrifty ways. Sarah managed to get us a deal on the cabin by saying she was saving for her “wedding” and we hid Nathan in the van to only pay for four people and a vehicle at the ferries. Dear BC Ferries, we wouldn’t have to lie to you if you didn’t charge so much for a simple boat ride.

Our Trusty Steed

That night was Becky’s birthday. I had originally bought her Disney on Ice Toy Story 3 tickets, but I figured this last minute adventure was a slightly better choice. I managed to secretly keep her cake intact from Vancouver hidden in a giant Disneyland bag. We were eating this cake for days afterwards!
We made a full on dinner feast at the Cabin; roast beef, smashed potatoes, stuffing stuffed peppers, and drinks!
Some of our crew also indulged in some special chocolate ice cube tray desserts, which left Sarah sick in bed and Alejandro and Nathan decided to embark on a night time exploration of the Botanical Gardens next door.



  • Hi Natalie :)…It’s Sarah’s mom here.
    You are such a great writer! I feel like I was actually there with you all. I love your humour and sassy wit! <3

    • December 7, 2011 at 12:06 pm // Reply

      Hi Patty!
      Thanks for the super nice words =)
      It’s almost as much fun writing about it than it is experiencing it!

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