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I figured four months was long enough for me to be away from my second favorite city in North America, so far, Seattle. When I found out Brand New was playing a show there my 15 year old self begged me to go. Since it suffered long enough I thought the least I could do was attend. The show was as good as it could have been. Equal parts of Jesse digging up ancient history, which is kinda weird to see a 33 year old sing about staying 18 forever and hoping you don’t survive that plane crash, and much more current Daisy screamings. If you’re a Brand New fan, and didn’t like Daisy, you should give it another year. It’s gotta grow on you. And it’s their last one. Apparently.
Enough about the show. It’s how we got, or almost didn’t get to the show that was the adventure. My sister and I left Vancouver in the afternoon and drove straight to our hostel, with only one pit stop, Jack In the Box. I have fast food like that only once every year or two. All I have to say is that it seems like they used real lettuce, the curly fries were greatest I’ve ever had and they had work out tips on posters in the restaurant. I know, it seems like a set up.

Seattle at the crack of dawn. I know, she’s pretty even without make-up.


Have you ever heard of City Hostel Seattle? That link takes you right to the virtual tour. It’s all you need to see. Every room is painted by a different local artist, and my legs did not itch the next morning. I highly recommend staying here. Free breakfast in a gypsy basement, super clean private bathrooms, and the walls are friggin painted with art! We stayed in #212 Zelot, if you care to find it on the virtual tour. I actually couldn’t take any pictures myself as we got in at midnight and a couple were already asleep and we woke up and had to leave early and they were still sleeping. I wouldn’t want to wake up foreigners with a loud camera shutter. Can you imagine?

The second day I had all to myself; Seattle seemed to be happy about that.


I’ll quickly run through the events of the previous night and how it seemed the universe didn’t want us to relive our youth. Try to keep up. Shows doors were at 7. At the Showbox. Spoiler alert, there are two Showboxs in Seattle. One is at the market 15 mins walk from the hostel. The other is 2 miles away. We show up at the hostel at 6:30. Can’t find free parking. Nikki waits in car 4 blocks away while I check in. Try to check in, forgot to bring passport from car. Walk back to car, get passport. Check in for real, park car and pay for hour of parking. Get ready in hostel, put all money and tickets in Nikki’s purse. Walk to Showbox Marketplace. No one is there. Brand New is not on the marquee. Doublecheck tickets, think I am in a bad dream. It’s really muggy out, and getting dark. Notice address on ticket says 2nd Ave S. The street we are on is 2nd Ave. Not south, or north. Power walk back to hostel. Get car and map. Drive to Showbox SoDo. South Downtown. Try to find free parking. Can’t. Decide to pay $10 event parking. Park, try to pay. Realize Washington still sometimes makes you pay for parking with cheques, cash and an envelope in a really sketchy drop box. Girl walks by and says if we cross the street there is free parking in that shops parking lot. Park there. Start to walk towards venue. Realize tickets aren’t in purse. Panic. Run back to car. Search and find tickets on ground of car. It’s about 9 pm. Assume there will be a reason we don’t get inside. But we do and everything after that worked out perfectly =). And just so you know, there was never any real panic or complaining coming from me. I adapt quickly to change, like Abed from Community. Take me on your next adventure which is sure to have a lot of set backs and surprises.

Hey Seattle?


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