Canadiens vs. Avalanche

Am I actually writing three blogs in one day? Just so you know, I’m writing this one with the Drive soundtrack playing in the background. It’s giving me anxiety, which is the condition I work best under. If only Ryan Gosling were here to tell me that if I didn’t finish in ten minutes he would kick my teeth in and shove them down my throat and write it for me. A lot of my wishes are coming true lately, so if this does happen, just know I died a very very happy lady.
Anyways, moving onto something a little more morbid, I found these hanging from a shop front. I’m just going to assume it’s a warning to all witches. I did see a girl walking around with a Gryffindor scarf…Why I didn’t introduce myself I don’t know.

Where they hang witches

The hostel was selling really cheap hockey tickets so Becky, Brittney and I decided it was best to go. There were a few things that were very unlike a Canucks game, like the crowd booing the other team right away, and half the anthem in French, but other than that it was pretty close and I loved it! Both teams scored five times. Excellent yelling opportunities, it went to overtime and a shootout, which if you are going to see a hockey game for the first time ever I think is a very good start. That is all I have written down in the time capsule for that day and it was the one day off from partying that we had in four days so I assume we just sat around drinking tea, talking, and recharging.


The next day, which was Sunday, was amazing. Becky and I went to a Nordic spa. I really did not expect to end up at a place like this but it was so worth it! It was on a little island that was an adventure unto itself just finding. We ended up walking through a very posh neighbourhood with castle like houses that we pictured the Montreal Canadiens living in. Once we got to the spa I was in physical bliss for hours. Outdoor hot tubs with energy rocks in the middle, floating in the other hot tub which made me laugh really hard, going into the sauna and burning the inside of my nose and slowly suffocating in the eucalyptus steam bath. Steam bath was my favorite.
I learned that the phrase “spare tire” means something different in Canada than it does in England, and that golden hour over looking a lake, in a hot tub, with a flock of little birds darting overhead is one of the most beautiful things that can ever happen to you.

Crooked is the best Way

We left the spa at dusk and decided to skip the bus as it was a little too complicated and we walked to the Metro on the other side of the bridge. A really nice long brisk walk to get us ready for the final pub crawl of the trip. Tonight’s theme was MicroBreweries. Good thing I can’t stand the taste of beer, and good thing i discovered really delicious ciders! We started at a place that brews their own beers and ciders, and also sells about a thousand imported bottles of beer from some country in Europe. Very classy place. Moved onto another place, which didn’t have ciders at all, so I Don Draper’d it, and pretty much ran to our final stop, the lovely Brutopia.


Many laughs were had at Brutopia, and Matt even sang a sweet southern song for the open mic night. Super impressive as he just sang with no instruments, minus us all banging on the tables. I met my first real Montreal friend here too, his name was Chris, and he made the ending of the night really quite pleasant! We all got home just in time to have our final tea and goodbyes. Isn’t it weird how everyone in the group left Montreal within 24 hours of each other? It was like this was all really meant to be and we’re all now soul mates in a some weird universal way. Ha!
The next day Chris and I had a really amazingly lazy day staring at Montreal and watching Drive. As soon as I wrote the word Drive the soundtrack ended. Okay, it’s starting from the top again. Fewf. The day after that was my last one, and everyone had already gone home. I spent the day being attacked by the wind and sulking around wishing I could stay forever.

Oh Montreal, you are Magic.


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  • October 22, 2011 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    Oh Kochanie! Just finished reading ALL 3 parts of your fab adventure! I truly believe that your wish just might come true…traveling, photography, writing about new places, meeting new people… and then publishing your life adventure/colored photography book!! :)
    Love It!

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