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I feel like I just won the lottery. The lottery of life!
I must be the Queen of Perfect Timing. Is there a Disney princess for that?
So heres my life lottery update:
We just moved into the Woodwards building in Gastown and HOLYCRAP. I haven’t even had a chance to take proper pictures of it yet, I just really wanted to tell you that it happened. From my mini balcony I can see the inside of BCPlace, cause it’s naked right now, the pretty building that Opus is in downtown, and the Harbour Center.
From the roof I can see everything God can see if he were looking down above Cordova and Cambie.
So the point is, I really want you to come over. I thought the Wii would have been a good friend magnet, but this is best friend central. ;)

With 75% Jeff’s coaching, 24% of my own cuteness and 1% instant luck charms, I got a job at Shaw. Yeah, it might sound kind of corporate and totally the opposite of everything I like, but it’s actually not! I get to wear all my cool outfits, stare at Stanley Park, and be around hilarious people. It’s pretty much Fun In The Sun, but with way more windows and way more the money. But pretty much exactly the same! So hopefully if you ever need to call Shaw about buying PPV or asking if you can switch to us from Telus, I’ll be the one talking to you :) Or just call until I answer to ask when you can come over.

I have three more pictures to show you from my Nomadic Nesters story. I think I should credit all the people who have helped me with every shot, since I only did about four of the thirteen pictures all by myself. These three photos were brought to you with the support of my little brother Danny.  He pretty much held the reflector for about 100 shots of each picture. Without complaining.

This one is a proper redo of the photo you can see a few posts ago. We walked for hours in the forests and open fields of Langley with giant electrical towers overhead.

This one comes with my favorite story of how I got this picture to look like this. We were in my Dad’s backyard in the late afternoon in a mini 3 tree forest. There wasn’t enough light in the foreground so my Dad in true DYI form brought out his halogen construction site work light and SOMEHOW weaved it through some branches. Homemade lightstand!  It looks like a camp fire is lighting this scene which is exactly what  I wanted it to look like. Team Family!

Get it!? They are book for birds. I hand strung these books with thread and i used paper from a tiny notebook I got from Opus. This set up took 2 days, and about an hour each time to set these books up this way. I think I had about 25 different positionings.

If I don’t make photo stories like this for the rest of my life I have failed as a Natalie Meteoroid. So try to keep me in check please. Also, any friends out there who like holding reflectors for hours and watching me get into weird painful positions trying to get the right angles? If this sounds like you, we should go out on a Natalie adventure, probably in a forest and play with my cute props!(While I photograph and you hold a thing)

I found a new fun website. With new fun items you can buy for a nice price. Some really cute dresses and shirts, and some VERY cool household accessories. The first item i saw that I loved was this Sailor Scout bathing suit. Actually it’s more of just a sailor but there was another one that was DEFS a SailorMoon bathing suit. The site is at ModCloth.

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