Destination Seattle.

I had a week off of school at the end of March and almost everyone was going away somewhere fun. I didn’t have any real plans; my first choice was Disneyland but someone already called that, so with quick last minute planning Rebecca, Drew and I headed to Seattle! I only had 2 memories of this city, one was when I was about 9, my family drove through it almost without stopping and I knew we were far away from home. The other was from a few years ago when my friend Antonia and I decided to go to Warped Tour in George, WA and didn’t realize how far away it was from Seattle. So we went to the aquarium instead, and tried to find a vacant hostel to no avail. We were offered to sleep on a ranch on an island, if we had a tent. We didn’t have a tent, so we went home.

Back to this adventure! We took the train! It was only a little bit like the Hogwarts Express. I guess they don’t use steam engines anymore for modern commuter trains.

During the train trip, Rebecca taught Drew a classic Russian game. You take 2 fingers, pointer and middle, and slap the other persons 2 fingers. This goes on until some calls it quits, or as Frenchie says “Winner winner chicken loser” =)
I wish I timed how long they played but it was so long that I actually fell asleep. I’m not going to show you a picture of it because violence is bad! And I didn’t get one that actually looked like they were slapping…

We finally arrived at our city of Adventures! We climbed some unnecessary hills, saw buildings that we were cooler than the ones in Vancouver, and got really hungry.

Onward to find food! I spent 80% of my money on feasting ^_^ Delicious feasting. We found a place called Piroshky! In Polish that is synonymous with delicious, cause it means perogies. But what we ate were like hybrid giant perogies. My mom grew up in Poland and said she’s never eaten or seen one of these. Either it’s not actually Polish or it’s a new creation. Either way, I still want to eat one right now. Mmm

It was super cold outside in Natalie standards so it could have been anywhere from +6 to -10 degress with severe wind chill. Wind chill is my ultimate weakness. So there is a lull of about 4 hours where no pictures were taken by me. But i assure you we walked the entire time, like a fellowship on a mission, until our legs were shaky, not from wind chill, but from fatigue!  After a quick check in to our 4 Star hotel room (which we got super cheap thanks to You don’t find out which hotel you get until after you pay and book. Surprise!) we headed to the best library I have ever seen in person! Seattle Public Library! Okay, Vancouver wins for best exterior(maybe) but the inside of Seattle’s is ultimate!

Huh, huh, huh? Impressive! We went went all the way up to the top to a very quiet reading section with a cool red couch/square chair. And took some pictures of ourselves and thought it was really funny. We couldn’t contain the funnyness so we had to leave. =)

After the library we trekked back “home”, sat in a movie theatre lobby, exhausted, debated on whether we should go see the Runaways, and decided we were going to buy a movie from the hotel tv instead. We bought some candy and chocolate that was “on sale”. Good idea! We ended up watching Dr. Parnassus’ Imaginarium. I fell asleep for some of it, but I was having dreams about it, so I had the alternate version of it going through my head. Me + any soft surface + dark outside = Definitely asleep.
Thus ends day One!

Day  Two! Much better weather day. Much less wind, much more pictures! We had crumpets and tea for breakfast! I had 5 cups of tea, and they were all different. Free refills! I wasn’t thirsty for the rest of the day. Until the very end of the day when I ordered water and got a glass of ice with 4 sips of water in it. Anyways! Crumpet Shop!

They made their own crumpets in a little kitchen made of windows in the back. You could see the magical process of making crumpets as you ate magic crumpets!

Next stop! Alternative Independant Book store. I forget what it was called, but it was right around the corner from the Crumpet place. It was very cramped and cluttered in an organized kind of way. Just how I like them!

Oh yeah! The main reason we came to Seattle, other than to eat, was to visit the Seattle Art Museum! SAM! Samwise Gamgee! Except for the main exhibition we were allowed to take photos! Awesome! Hi I’m Natalie and I love taking photos of other peoples art.

This little guy reminds me of Deadmau5. But seriously, this must have been inspired by a nightmare. Imagine waking up to that thing, and then waking up again realizing it was only a dream. O.O!!

This giant thing which has arms at the top is made out of dogtags from war. They’re written in a different language. I don’t know if they are real, but I want to think they are!

We found the kids play room! Where I found my only crow friend. This is the only nice crow I know! And he can fly, just like any other crow.

After having the best time I’ve ever had in an art museum we walked to the Olympic Sculture Park. We did a lot of sitting and lying on grass, which is a first for this year!!

Wow. We must have been having a REALLY good time. Or going crazy from too many “Thats what she said” jokes. =D

After this grass lay down we started off on our final walk through downtown, in search of a “cozy” place to eat that we could sit in for a long time to wait for our bus home. 30 minutes later and 1 block away from the train station we found a not too fancy bar/restaurant that served ice in a cup with a bit o’ water. We didn’t sit for too long because apparently some places in Seattle close at 8pm. O.o?! Oh well! We headed to the station, looked over the photos I took, had a few final laughs then boarded the bus back home! Good bye Seattle! You are in my top 3 cities that I remember and have visited so far in my life.

P.S. I have these photos plus a bunch more of Seattle on My Facebook Page

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