Earth to Jonsey

Has anyone else seen Dreamcatcher? The Stephen King movie.
It’s on tv, so Jeff and I are watching it, for the second time. It’s at the really gross bathroom scene, and Jason Lee just died. =(
Ohmygod, a disgusting looking alien just come into view.
The only reason we’re rewatching this is to see Damian Lewis! I don’t think enough people know about this man. ¬†You may know him as Sergeant Winters from Band of Brothers. It’s my second favorite mini-series, next to Taken.

I finally took some pictures at my new place, and I want to show you!
This one is brought to you by Forest Fires! Keeping British Columbia’s sunsets colorful since lightning and campfires.

Thumbs up for window reflections and my heart glowing blue. Thanks E.T.!

Ever since the move, our spearmint plant and herb plantation have been rid of flies and are striving like never before! Thanks Ashley! It’s probably the lack of mold and increase in oxygen and sunlight.

My favorite free piece of furniture! I’m so glad it fit into our space. And that bamboo is four years old! I’m a good Bamboo-Mama!

Guess what this is! Okay, it’s a cd rack. And it makes awesome shadows.

I don’t know what to say about this one.

It’s me! It looks like I’m shooting with a fisheye, sort of. Good hair day!

It rained and fogged for a few days so we’re back to the regular colored sunsets. How original, sky!

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