Essential Liquids

As per promised in my last post, I will now behold to you the magic that is silicon ice cube trays! I find found these little guys on ModCloth but due to some PayPal issues I was having I couldn’t buy them. Not until I stumbled upon a gift shop in Gastown that I was probably too local to be inside anyways! Hidden among the maple syrup and Canadian flags everythings were some of the coolest ice cubes trays I have ever seen! Just like on ModCloth but without shipping costs!
I bought this one first, and then again as a gift for someone else. Thats right. Diamonds. And each one is a different shape of perfectly shaped diamond.

Diamond Cubes

I bought a skull and bones themed one for my brother and a Gin and Titonic one for a secret santa at work. It came with titanics and iceburgs. Hi Kevin.
The next and only other one I bought for myself is almost too obvious. I’m surprised no one has bought this for me before. Here it is, alien space ship and meteoroid/moon cubes!


I’m a big fan of collecting really cool things like this, so if it’s ever my birthday again, or Christmas, I will accept any Fred brand silicon ice cube tray in any theme!

It’s the season again for homemade iced tea and since I smashed my previous tea press/pot I’ve resorted to storing it in massive Mason jars. I guess they aren’t really massive, but they are when you use them for drinking out of as well as storing. I guess this is what being a bachelorette is all about. I would do it with milk as well but I don’t have the proper enzymes to proudly drink a glass of milk.
Here is my version of a perfect iced tea: Steep Roobios in a large Mason jar for way longer than normal. Mix in as much honey as seems right with a wooden spoon. Let cool, chill in fridge.


I once made Iced Tea with regular black tea and started playing Plants vs. Zombies the same night. Let’s just say I’ve never been so awake, thirsty and addicted in my entire life.

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