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I’ve been spending an unnecessarily large amount of time indoors this past week. It’s led to further establishing my crippling laziness but also for some nice time to take natural light photos. A couple weeks before my birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago, I got two really awesome cuts of stone from my mom. I made them both into necklaces using my very primitive necklace making skills, pretty much looped some waxed hemp through them.
This one is the older one, the leader, or I guess the dominant one? It’s either because I picked it out first or because it’s mostly black and looks manly. It has a crystal wedged inside of its…I don’t know how to describe it without following it with “that’s what she said”. Anways. Here is the alpha rock, with a crystal somewhere in it.


The girl rock, which is almost the exact opposite colors of it’s brother, is sans crystal wedged. I never knew that rocks even looked like this on the inside. Is this why we blow stuff up? So we can see the innards of the Earth in all its shininess and cuteness?


Since we’re on the topic of granite colored things, I put blueberries into my water the other day to see what would happen. Not much did happen, it didn’t flavor the water at all, but it looked really fancy on my ledge. The icecubes were actually shaped like flying saucers and moons. I will feature my ice cube trays another blog. You have to see what the make icecubes out of nowadays.



  • niiice necklaces !
    i miss eating tones of blueberries !!
    we do have them here, but not the same quantities, and hem, NOT the same price :)
    on a random level : i want to go to Aphrodite’s !!!!!!!!


    • June 3, 2011 at 4:22 pm // Reply

      As I am reading your comment i am drinking a blueberry Jugo Juice!
      While I was walking down the street i saw someone growing their own blueberries. We are ingested with them! Haha
      P.S. Aphrodite’s will be my first stop when I’m in Kits. <3

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