Feather Cracks

The next morning was a pain party. I clearly couldn’t go surfing, so while everyone left the house I had a little Bon Iver induced yoga session. I’m pretty sure the rest of the cheese was consumed that morning too. About half an hour later Nathan came back to say that Sarah dislocated her finger. After painfully removing her wetsuit and icing for hours we decided to get the hospital to look at it. They said it was broken and to get it looked at closer in Vancouver. At least it was the second to last day. Alejandro came home soon after to be sick, it was now a proper pain party!


Becky and I made a pasta concoction dinner that night with popsicles for dessert. We watched the beginning of Lord of the Rings Fellowship, the extended version.I now see why they cut out some scenes. It was way too long, and kinda ruined it with all the fancy new scenes. We went to sleep in our super comfy beds one last time and got ready to leave the next morning.


We woke up pretty bummed to have to leave but really happy with the amazing five days we just had despite the injuries. We packed the van up, went into town for some breakfast, and made a quick stop in Long Beach. All the sunny beach time pictures on here and previous posts are from this last day. It seemed like that was the first time we saw sunlight the entire trip. We continued driving along the highway to Nanaimo with one short stop next to a raging river to witness British Columbia at her finest. The first and last pictures on this post are of this river. It was straight out of Lord of the Rings. I even temporarily lost my new toque, again. I’ve already lost one toque this year, still kinda bummed about it.


We stopped in Coombs one last time to grab more cheese, bread and goodies. While waiting in line for the ferry we popped the roof of the van and Nathan and Alejandro geeked out over this beat mixing app Alejandro had on his phone. They serenaded us with hilarious beats that they made which contained quite a few meows and samples of Sarah saying awesome things. On the ferry we played probably the funniest game of Crazy 8’s Countdown. How the same person can pick up 16 cards twice in one game is just ridiculous.
We really didn’t want to be coming home. I’m still missing the fun times we had in Tofino. Although my back feels much better now, I would totally do it all over again! I don’t have any definite adventure plans coming up to report except that I’m probably going snowboarding twice this week sometime. Becky leaves on Thursday to continue on her World Tour.
I’m still accepting Adventure Requests!



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