Gargoyles Eye View

We spent the majority of this day either walking up or down circular stone stairs behind really slow climbing people. But when we finally reached the top of our two destinations it was so worth it! Our first stop was the Arc de Triomphe. We’ve been looking at it for days from afar so we finally decided to see what the big deal was. It was a pretty big deal, because you can’t even cross the street to get to it. You have to walk underground for about 500 meters accompanied by soliders with guns. Pretty epic!


After we were done with the Arc and buying a lollipop in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, we went over to the Notre Dame, again, but this time to go up it. Did you know that when you go up the Tower of Notre Dame you must first be locked inside a gift shop for fifteen minutes? That is so opposite! I wonder what the people who built the cathedral would say. More importantly, I wonder what this gargoyle would say.


There is a house in Kitsilano that i used to walk by everyday on my way to work that had a fake (or real but turned to stone) owl on it. It would always catch my eye and I would (for a second) be horrified that it was real. You know that instant sweat/shudder feeling? Yeah it was one of those. Speaking of owls, I found this one next to the contemplative gargoyle.


During this day we did the most typical thing and ate baguettes while walking around. We also bought all of our souvenirs in one store. After Rebecca was off work we met up with her to have dinner where are I ate the most lactose filled meal: stomach, I am so sorry. Mouth, you are so welcome. We then wandered through many a street looking for the movie theatre that was playing a Day in New York. Watching old movies in old movie theatres is my new favorite thing! The woman running the theatre was hosting a party in the lobby with all of her friends and they were all really drunk looking at a sink (im pretty sure it was a sink) on the floor. Awesome!

Tomorrow I will be posting the LAST Paris post. I could blog about this trip forever, and I pretty much have. =)



  • Hi Natalie,

    I am disappointed they are coming to an end even though I saw all of them on the weekend because you are such a good and hilarious blogger…I have really enjoyed!!

    Love, Lesley

    Love, Lesley

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