It’s 9am on a Sunday, and I’ve been awake for 2 hours already. But this is the last time! Because it’s my last day at FunInTheSun, and we’re having a good bye/birthday party for me ^_^!
I’m mostly excited about the food that everyone is going to bring. This also marks the last time I will do any photography assignments at work. In memory of the good times i’ll post one of the better assignments I managed to get out of shooting in a cramped warehouse style clothing store:

The other reason I woke up at the crack of dawn is because we’re doing the NewYorkTimes ‘A Moment In Time’ assignment. Everyone around the world at 8 am Vancouver time takes a picture of where they are and sends it in. I just so happened to be at Jericho Beach, in the rain, wearing my pajamas. This is what happened at 8 am there.

That boats mast (its called a mast, right?) is in a really awkward place in the picture. It kind of unnerves me, but it also reminds me of Jesus’ cross standing in English Bay.
…I just looked at all the photos I took at Jericho and the mast is in the EXACT spot in all of them. So I can’t even cheat and use my 7:50 am shot.
Anyhoo. As promised I’ll take you into my double adventure day that happened quite a few weeks ago. It started off at the corner of Gore and Union, which are very cool street names, and I named my folder with all these pictures in it ‘GoreUnion’. It sounds like a Zombies Only Federation.
It was one of the first sunny days of Spring so I spent most of my time lying in the grass. I will show you photos only from the lying down vantage point.

This next one has an active Eagles nest in it. Also known as an Aerie. I learned that from the crossword puzzles I would do everyday at work. But not ever again anymore because I quit! Haha!

Okay, I wasn’t lying down for this one. But I did crouch in a dusty ditch for it. These tubes remind me of a black tube that was at a playground in Australia. We would all take turn climbing into it and getting stuck/have panic attacks. And our arms would be raised above our heads and the tube would be taller than us. What a weird thing to allow kids to play with.

This one reminds me of AliceInWonderland when she is small, running through the forest trying to catch the Mr.Rabbit.

Thats enough for that adventure. Our next stop was a forest in Burnaby. There was a mini beach with really big paw prints in them. Hopefully it was a cougar, I like to think wild animals still exist. The beach was less sand and more clay. It looked really neat, like a world of monochrome, which is my IDEAL world. But I wouldn’t want to live forever on this beach, the whole world should just adapt to the monochromatic lifestyle.

I have made my own eye spy! There is an airplane in this picture. It’s flight 815. And I’m not on it this time.

Okay, I’ll finish this post off with an abstraction.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to join us next time on channel 8 news for our interview with Mr.Rabbit.

It’s my birthday in 4 days, i’ll be 21! All I want is Burt’s Bees HONEY lip balm. I can’t have enough, and I lost mine recently.


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