Hallows Disney

When I nineteen I went to Disneyland for the first time. After having the greatest time of my life, I promised myself I would come back every year. It’s funny how life listens to me sometimes. My mom and I were in the Orange County/Irvine/Santa Ana area a few days ago(the slashes are because I don’t exactly know where we were) and we fit a day trip to the Happiest Place on Earth on our last day. Everything was Halloween’ed! Mickey-lanterns were lining the streets, Cruella DeVille was on the cover of the map, and the Haunted Mansion got a Nightmare Before Christmas make over. This was also the first time I brought my real camera, so i get to for real blog about it!


I tried to take as little pictures of other people/the mass crowd as possible. And seeing how everything was supposed to look kinda spooky and it was really overcast for most of the day I turned all my pictures into black and white. I have a new favorite ride! The Buzz Lightyear one! I always bypassed that ride before, thinking it was going to be lame. That was the last time I thought anything was lame before I actually lame tested it.
It’s like an interactive first person shooter game, you get to turn your car around, shoot, and go through a really sweet space world. I didn’t ride Space Mountain this time, I’m sorry, but my mom had to draw a line somewhere. I might have also forgotten to bring Gravol.


I unfortunately didn’t grow up with Nightmare Before Christmas. But after that ride, seeing the first half of the movie years ago, and that picture above, I’ve decided to watch it. Tonight! It is downloading as I type. You know what we are lacking here in Vancouver? Churros. I didn’t even know they existed until my first time in California. Okay, we have mini donuts around every corner here, but there is something about the stick form that makes it seem so much better! I take the challenge upon myself to find somewhere that sells decent Churros. I will report back!


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