Hogwarts; a History

Dear Natalie,

Way to neglect the only thing you are pretty good at! Taking pictures and writing about them. I actually thought about writing a new entry every single day since my last post. I must really like anxiety! Anyways, I’m here to update you and myself on the fun things that have been going on in the past few months, but mostly the last few days.

I’ve been dreaming about going to Hogwarts since I was 10 years old. Thats 11 years ago! And thanks to Universal Studios and my dad half living in Florida, I finally got to go! I didn’t take my own camera because in the words of Matt+Kim “no time for cameras we’ll use our eyes instead”. Probably doesn’t make sense but I wanted to experience Hogwarts like its real and not like im a tourist. Andmycameraiswaytoobigtotakeonrides. But I did take photos of my souvenirs when I got home, which I will be featuring in later blogs. Today I’ll show you my Chocolate Frog, which actually jumps around, and the witch on card inside actually moves around and leaves. I live in a very real world, hahah!

I spent most of my money and time at the Harry Potter theme park, so there are way more things I need to show you that I got!
The Wizarding World aside, I’ve really gotten back into writing letters. I’ve had a pen pals off and on since I was in 12, and right now I’m definitely ON. I’ve been buying the funniest/cutest stationary at Japanese stores, and filling my friends’ mailboxes with them. I’m currently accepting more penpals! Email me your address! And if you just stumbled upon my page because you typed in “Chocolate Pictures of Anxiety” into Google, you are also eligible! Strangers are just future friends.

Speaking of friends, I went to visit my Mom the other day and we/I made some fruit salad and I thought the colors were really autumny and looked like dried fruit. We also went to visit the bakery that was crushed by bricks used for a Firewall in Langley. It looked terrible! Like a tornado, earthquake and meteor crashed into. To make it even more personal I used to work at the bakery! It was my first “real” job, and I spent many a weekend and after school slicing bread, cleaning, and nibbling on cookies. I’ll miss it tons! r.i.p Accent on Pastries!

For my birthday this year Jeff got my an SX-70(LOVE) Polaroid camera and we got some film from the Impossible Project, which is still experimental and will sometimes totally fail or overtime create Killer Crystals, which is so annoying. But its really fun anyways, and the colors are Amazing!! Here are a few that I took in the summer! The first one is Jeff and I at the Fair in Point Grey. Its a pretty cool idea for a couples photo i think! And the second one is of the Cirque du Soleil tents, which we went too, and blew our minds at. Cirque is coming to Seattle next year, and we’re defs tripping it out there to see. It’s insect themed! Ova!


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