new Dwelling

Remember four months ago when I said I moved into an attic? Well I’m still there and trying to make it as nesty as possible. I had to get quite a few large bits of furniture, the only thing I’m missing now is a treasure chest, or Hogwarts trunk. I’ve always wanted a place with maximum natural lighting, and with 5 skylights I think this is as close as it gets before I live in a glass dome.


That bedding is still my favorite Ikea purchase to date. Before I got my couch two weeks ago my living room was pretty much my really fat hallway that got me from the door to my bedroom where I would sit and watch my several tv series, read books and eat dinner. I’ve never been into tv shows as much as I am right now. Before I wrote this post I watched four episodes of Mad Men straight. I wasn’t completely sold on the show right away, but midway first season it turned into my third favorite current show. Yeah, I have a ranking system, and Dexter is reigning at the top.
The best thing about the photo below is the desk. My official serious business head quarters. Hand delivered along with the couch by Sarah. I’ve got these two really tall laps that look almost awkward bumping their heads on my slanty ceiling. Anyone close to six feet probably feels like a giant in here.



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