Orcas Island

A few weeks ago my mom and I went on a little nature trip to Orcas Island. I know, I’ve never heard of it either. It’s like a gulf island but for the people of Washington state. I guess we could have gone to one of our own gulf islands, but we like crossing the border to see what kind of questions they’ll ask this time. I swear one day I’ll be a real Canadian. We stayed on top of a giant hill over-looking one of the bays. It was such a giant hill that Canadian cell reception from Victoria was the only reception they got. Take that AT&T!


Unless I know you IRL, which I probably do, you probably haven’t seen my new place. This next photo reminds me a lot of it. Minus the chairs. I have one chair. And it’s outside. Wood everywhere! I felt very at home here. Probably because deer came into the yard to eat out of hand and I’m actually a woodland nymph. Or because I also live in a wood house/cabin/boat hull.

On our second day, we decided to drive to one of the hiking trails. Good thing we didn’t bring a map! Apparently one trail will merge into another until you realize you’re not doing a loop but walking in a very straight line for 2 and a half hours. Then there is the way back! Not complaining! I was pretending to be in Lord Of The Rings the entire time! I think I have a better imagination now then when I was younger. I actually used to hate nature walks, weird!
The walk lasted the length of time it takes to watch the extended version of two LOTR movies.
We saw quite a few fallen trees hovering in the water. It was probably something to do with that artificial mini dam we saw a few miles back…


The next day we decided to do a slightly less arduous hike and at the top (yes, it was uphill) we came upon a place that gave me big flashbacks of Australia. Burned ground. No wind. A million giant dragonflies. And an arbutus tree. Just ignore the pine trees and we’re basically there! Australia was 11 years ago, and to a 22 year old thats like 2 lifetimes ago. It’s $16000 to fly luxury first class there. Just so you know.


We decided against spending $90 to go whale watching. I still really want to go. But only when I won’t notice that much money go missing for something that I can probably see in my dreams for free. Instead! We stood at the very front of the ferry for about 20 minutes as we embarked to go home. We didn’t see any whales. But it was the most wind I allowed myself to endure probably ever!


I will post a little more about Orcas next time! I leave you with some lavender forcing itself into a sunset.



    • I actually thought of you when I took the chair picture. I could picture you taking pictures of the chair couple with your Rolli. =D

  • August 16, 2011 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    This is a wonderful post Kochanie! All Three Days of GOOD TIMES! And there is of course MORE to come!

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