Orcas Time

When you look at Orcas Island from a nature point of view, you would think you were still in Canada. Of course Washington and British Columbia are pretty much twin sisters. We both have cities the other one envies, wildlife everywhere, and more rain than they both have soil to soak up. My only clue that I was actually in America whilst on Orcas Island is the name of the streets, bays, and mountains. You would think George Washington and John Wilkes Booth named it themselves. They’ve got a Massacre Bay, Skull Island, Mount Constitution, Obstruction Pass, and a Victim Island State Park. What happened Orcas?! You’d think the whole island was haunted with Red Army generals and serial killers who escaped Alcatraz only to find themselves in the Pacific Northwest. Or maybe they were trying to deter every single mainlander from taking over the island so they had to give it some BA names so only the brave and or completely oblivious would come to visit. In any case, I still love you Orcas. With or without your freaky names for completely beautiful things.

This was at Obstruction Pass. Nice try Orcas, I didn’t feel obstructed one bit.

You know how in Astrology or Sailor Moon there are element signs? Like Earth, Water, Air and Fire? Well I am most definitely an Earth sign. Not to say I’m not an alien or anything, okay? Aliens also have elemental tendencies. And no matter what planet I’m on I think i’ll always love the Earth the most. I’m not really into getting wet, unless the firey sun is roasting me or the air is whipping me down Splash Mountain, but man do I LOVE being on boats. I’d really like to meet a friend that owns a yacht. For non-stop boat fun. So if you know anyone… I wouldn’t find adventure blogging via the Seven Seas.

An example of water I wouldn’t want to be in, but would love to float on top of. Thatswhatshesaid.


This is the most watery post I’ve ever written. It’s actually making me thirsty. This will be the final post on Orcas Island, unless I go back, which is unlikely, we have about 20 more islands in an hours ferry away to explore. But I recommend that you go! Look for the shot guns and red water.



  • August 23, 2011 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    That was an excellent post Kochanie! You made me laugh soooo hard! I know you will write a book one day with ALL your wonderful adventures…. including the ones on the YACHTS!! <3

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