Paris; part one of a million

Hi! I just got back from my Adventure in Paris. 9 days of constant eating, walking, and sneezing. Unlike Vancouver, Paris has been able to muster the strength to bring its temperate above 20 degrees. Which means the trees were in bloom and my nose knew it! I’m going to create one post per day per Paris. Day One! Cemetery! We came all this way to see Jim Morrison, and it only took us 45 minutes to find him! It was smaller than I expected and surrounded by an ugly fence, but it was my first famous person grave so I loved it.


My favorite kind of road is cobblestone road. Nothing like tripping over cracks and knowing that 200 years ago people walked on this exact cobble. I also really like curvy roads. Ignore the trees and the graves, revel in this road!


Greatest thing about this photo? The rocks on sticks. I don’t know if this was a recent addition or something made for the tomb since rocks don’t age very gracefully, but this is an amazing substitute for flowers! Also, these family tombs are awesome, I don’t think too many people know where they will be buried let alone the exact small chamber that already has their name on it!


Anyone read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger? If yes, this place reminded me a lot of HighGate Cemetery. If no, you should. She’s in my top 3 favorite authors, and I would know, I’m pretty much a bookworm.


The first day wasn’t all about this huge cemetery (but it was the coolest part of it so it gets its own special post.) The next post will be about Sacre Coeur!



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