Paris; until we meet again.

This probably sounds outrageous but we almost didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. We went there on the second night, and it was closed. We went again during the day right after Disneyland and couldn’t bear to stand in another line up, so we left. Thinking we got the gist of Paris from above with Notre Dame and the Arc, we thought we wouldn’t be missing much. WRONG. We decided on the very last day that we would regret it forever if we didn’t go up, so up we went! Sans stationary line up, win!


I think the highest concentration of Americans is atop the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t hear that much English being spoken the entire trip. It made it seem like we had exited Paris for a brief moment and I didn’t like it! I like my Paris foreign and not understandable! You know those terrible conversations you overhear on the skytrain or any bus you are on, and you wish you weren’t such an eavesdropper? Well in Paris it was such a sweet relief because you can just imagine that people are talking about the most beautiful things when really they’re probably complaining about the weather.
This is us not complaining about the weather.


Other than a reflection shot, which doesn’t count, Jeff and I have a total of 2 pictures together in Paris. And I think he is only in focus in this one. You’re probably thinking, oh, how unromantic is that. And I’m thinking maybe if my fake business plan was real then more people on holidays with non point-and-shoot cameras would have pictures of themselves. Fake business plan I actually wrote out and handed in: Be a hired photographer to go on other peoples vacations/adventures and take pictures of them being on vacation/an adventure. No posing stuff, just natural, pretend I’m not even here type photos.


The last museum we went to was the Rodin gardens/museum. I was so excited to see a sculpture that I actually recognized. I know you Thinker! I know all about you and your thinking ways!


That photo was taken from inside a giant house, but not really a mansion. Or was it supposed to be a mansion? Anyways, it was gutted and filled with paintings and sculptures. I was pretending that I was in the olden times and actually lived in a place like this and all the other people walking around were just my friends looking at my awesome walls.

The Eiffel Tower at night is probably the most photographed thing ever, but I just had to! I still have my lollipop in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, I’m waiting for the perfect moment to eat it. Maybe on one of France’s national holidays. Or maybe never (yeah right).
The next morning we packed our bags and left, dragging our feet a little bit. Not looking forward to coming home to the cold and complete lack of proper bakeries. Until next time Paris! Don’t leave without me!( you know, like the island in Lost)


Today is my birthday, woohoo! I get to update my Biography now with a new age. I’m going to Seattle for a couple days tomorrow, more adventures coming super soon!

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