Part Montmarte

Isn’t it fun how you can virtually create two days in one with a simple nap? After we trekked through Pere Lachaise Cemetery we got back to our hotel, slightly jet lagged and gave into an amazing nap. Usually when I take a nap in the middle of the day, i wake up in the evening, take off my contacts and go back to bed. But I usually don’t get woken up by a torrential downpour and thunder. I think it was Paris’ way of kicking our butts out of bed to continue on our exploration adventure. We heard Montmarte was pretty nice to look at so off we went!


I’ve always heard about a place called Sacre Coeur but never really knew was it was until i came here. It’s visible from almost any vantage point, and almost everything is visible from it’s vantage point. I don’t recall if this POV(pointofview, ha!) was from half way up the stairs or all the way, but I’m pretty sure my legs were trembling either way. Note To Self: Nothing can train you for intense daily stair hikes with a backpack and umbrella, and being chased by tourist trapping bracelet makers.


Once we finally got to the top we went into said Sacre Coeur cathedral, and a cathedral it was! I don’t know if it’s my past “run-ins” with the Catholic church or Vancouver’s lack of monstrous religious monuments but i friggin LOVE going into cathedrals. I like them more than castles. Something about the way more than necessary tall ceilings, stained glass and giant scenes of torture that make me feel like I’m in a completely different world, which lets face it, is my ultimate goal in life. Since you can’t take any pictures inside, obviously, but not so obvious since people still do anyways, i did take some ones from the outside!


Once we were in the heights of Montmarte we didn’t really want to come back down so we, without a map!, explored the streets and guess who we stumbled upon?! Dali! Our favorite artists! Who knew he spent several years working out of a workshop in Montmarte? I bet a lot of people did, but I’m glad we didn’t because it was an awesome surprise. It was closed that night but we made a massive mental note that we have to come back and go inside *you’ll have to wait for at least another 4 blog posts to see this as we did this almost last*
Anyways, we found a cute restaurant and I ordered a smoked salmon, avocado and other delicious items salad. With a Long Island Iced Tea. I judge a sushi restaurant by it’s quality of agedashi tufo and a normal restaurant by the deliciousness of its LIIT. And this one was a winner. During our damp walk we stumbled upon one of many carousels that we will spot during this trip. This one in particular looked like a fun time.


Well I guess that was it for Montmarte, I won’t show you any of the massively touristy stuff, it was intense the amount of I Heart Paris memorabilia that there was there. So here as a finisher of the day is a quiet little street with cobbles.



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