rise ye sunken ships

The title of this post is named after the We Are Augustines album I’m listening to right now. I’m going to race it and attempt to finish this post before it ends. Hey, there’s a lot of proof reading that goes into this okay? I would also like to add that researching music festival playing bands is a really smart idea and you end up finding more new favorite bands than you can keep track of. Before I face plant right into the adventure I’m going to take you on, I’d like to update you on my current books. Nerd alert! I was done with not understanding all the Hunger Games jokes and memes on the internet so I had to read it, and read it I did in three days! I’m going to see the movie this Tuesday. Cheap Date alert! Just kidding, I’m probably going by myself. Unless you know, you’d like to come along, but only if you know what a mockingjay is! I’m not going to explain everything to you in whispers while the movie is playing because you didn’t have enough time/foresight to read this book before seeing the movie. Right now I’m reading a book called Hollow Earth by some guy you’ve never heard of. I picked it up at MacLeod’s book store, which I’m taking you to if you have never been! Even if you have been there, we are going again. If you don’t already know, I am a HUGE alternative science/dimension/reality fan. Some really smart people during the Scientific Revolution tried to prove the Earth is hollow in places and an advanced civilization lives down there. Have you heard of the Matrix? Zion? Yeah I thought so. Anyways, write me a postcard and we shall discuss this theory/fact further. Onto this weeks adventure!

cartems donuterie

Jessica, my friend who likes to walk just as much as I do, and I had quite a pleasant adventure last weekend. It was sunny for the first time in what seemed like and probably was weeks. Due to some really smart investigating and lucky eavesdropping I found out about a new donut shop in Gastown. It goes by the name of Cartems Donuterie. I only tried three of the donuts but my god I can not wait to try three more. They sell out all the time and use a cake-like dough, eavesdropping remember? We bought the earl grey one, pictured above, the vegan one, and a chai one that isn’t listed on the website. We pranced our delicious loot down to Dr. Sun Yat Sen gardens and sat on a ledge to gorge. Well, I gorged, Jessica politely nibbled. I was sneezing and sniffling basically the entire day. I’m one of those early bloomers when it comes to the spring time allergy attack. I basically pollinate myself.

couch porch

Our next feast awaited us at Gorilla Foods. I discovered this place last year with my mom. It’s all vegan, all raw, all the time. Do not roll your eyes! The food is actually a living masterpiece. Five minutes in there and you’ll want to run away into the jungle and fend for yourself in a community of like minded people and do yoga and drink plenty of water. Don’t worry, I would come with you if you needed a jungle buddy. I walked out of Gorilla Foods feeling lighter and healthier than when I walked in. We went to MacLeod’s books up the street, where I did not buy anything! I am on a semi strict money diet right now. I am very impressed with their Harry Potter collection tho, I love how it’s perched really close to the entrance.
We meandered over to the Art Gallery, almost went in, but decided it was so rare that the sun was still out that we crossed the bridge and walked all the way to my house. WHAT A TREK. On the way home one of us came up with the brilliant idea of putting my couch on the porch. We totally did and it was one of the most perfect moments of this year so far. We made tea and watched the sunset and covered ourselves in blankets. It inspired me to make my porch really accommodating this summer. Tons of chairs and plants!

to cuba

I took that last picture at the exact time my friend was flying to Cuba. I assume it’s him in there. Oh! The We Are Augustines album just ended. Touche…


  • April 3, 2012 at 9:44 pm // Reply

    Absolutely Love reading your posts Kochanie! Thank you for sharing your life stories with us! <3

  • I think I walked past that donut place a short while ago. The smell of gourmet donuts was delightfully juxtaposed onto the backdrop of crack addicts looking for a fix.

    Maybe donuts will be their next addiction?

    I like the picture you took for my latest web post.

    • April 27, 2012 at 1:04 pm // Reply

      You’re welcome ^_^
      I always crave those donuts now.

      We should grab some this spring and go to the chinese gardens!

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