Round Trip

I’ll let you in on a little tour of what I think about every single day. Most of the time I’m mentally planning my next epic adventure. The week after that is spent in a dreamy-reminiscing state, promising myself that I will go back to wherever it was that I just came back from. I must have been a sailing explorer in a past life; I can read a map to anywhere and I don’t get sea sick. I’m going on my first completely alone trip in two weeks to Montreal for one week. I usually have things planned like crazy. I studied the Paris metro map for a month before the trip and I’m pretty sure I could still point in the general direction of any stop on it. But for Montreal, I’m going rouge! As in, I know where my hostel is, and what time I arrive, well I’ll have to double check that but I’ll be sure to make a note of it. Everything else I’m leaving up to Montreal. Adventuring to a new level!


I’ve been loving Vancouver in whole new ways since I’ve moved into my third place in four years here. Maybe it’s because I’m living alone, or because my roof is A-shaped or because I can smell the salt in the air when I step outside but holy crap I love Vancouver with all of my hearts. The past couple trips I’ve come back from the city was on its best behavior for my arrival. The picture above was when I came back from Seattle a few weeks ago. Did I mention I bought another pair of Toms? I was actually just putting my shoes away and lined up my Toms and felt like a fool! I’m the last girl who cares about shoes, but gd, Toms are no normal shoe. You pretty much float up to a new level of bipedal comfort. I will counter that statement by saying I don’t own and have never owned high heel shoes. I don’t even know how to walk in them. There, I’m back to Natalie status. Don’t let this discourage you to taking me out to fancy events, Toms makes sparkly shoes.


Back to Vancouver. I now have a couch. If any of you are reading this, and want to see what I’m taking about you are cordially invited to sleep on my couch. Lets make this an informal couch surfing screen test. If you are neat enough to read all the way to the bottom of this, I trust you to come over and let me show you the greatness that is Vancouver. The only repayment I require from you is to show me your home town, yacht, or nearest theme park.

I actually changed my mind in Seattle and went home a few hours earlier to get home faster via bus instead of train. And I am so glad I did because golden hour has never looked better. Okay, maybe it has but this is pretty close, especially because I surprised it by spontaneously coming home earlier than expected and it had to scramble to make itself look nice for me.

Coming Home

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