Rue des Petits Carreaux

We left all the major touristy bits for the end our trip so this day we spent being shown around by our friend in her natural habitat, Rebecca. I’m going to try to have a friend in every city I want to visit. Being a tourist is so much better when you have someone who can show you the secret bits. Like these orbs! We would have never stumbled upon them. Oh how i love reflective surfaces.


In the same area as these orbs of wonder, were these circle towers of awesome. This was at the Palais Royal. If you stare at it long enough the stripes look like they are stairs leading down.


We walked through some neat indoor alleyways, at least that what I thought they were. Perfect rainy day shopping without actually having to be inside an ugly mall.


And inside one of the several indoor alleys was my name! And a word i actually know in French! Should have probably gone inside to buy something to prove it’s real but it all looked very pink, and pink is not a nice color for my complexion. You know what color is nice for me tho? Gray. And i’ve been wearing a lot of it recently. I’m trying to move away from the red plaid, although it has served me very well, and oh, look, its me in the reflection, wearing my red plaid jacket.


At some fun point in the day we came upon a small park with benches in the shape of books. Book are in my top 5 things i love to do (well, reading) and these benches are in my top 3 favorite benches of all time! If i could I would build a house out of books and then i could say things like “Can’t wait to start reading the bottom shelf right after i finish the lamp shade. Hah!


This day was also the day I ate more food in my life than i ever have ever. Including Christmases. We ate so frequently i didn’t even have time to take my camera out. So you will never see what I ate but It’s all very vivid in my memory. This is a picture of Cafe Oz, probably the one and only place we didn’t eat at that day in Paris.


It started to pour rain towards the end of our pilgrimage style walk and eat so we found refuge in the Japanese area that reminded me of the Richmond Night Market. Here we drank tea and color matched everything!


If you click on any of these pictures it will now go to my flickr (i just created an account), and you can comment on them individually, or see them all at once. Just so you know.

I think that was almost the end of the day. We might have stopped for savory crepes and watched Harold and Maude after. Such a full day. Full of food and exploring, my perfect adventure.

Also, in case i forget, I’m going to list all the things I remember eating: Croissants (of all kinds), big roast beef sandwich, savory crepe, macaroons, giant pastry cake, gelato, and tea at 2 places. YUM.


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