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Imagine the one thing that you carry around everywhere that gives you a sense of comfort in your life. It’s probably that fossilized shark tooth in your pocket, or the Burts Bee’s lip balm in your bag, or even that hemp bracelet your best friend brought back from a beach in California. For me it’s my bird and tree covered day planner. Every single hang out, show and adventure memory is documented within those yearly pages. Now imagine it stowed away in your sisters suitcase and ended up in Toronto for a couple weeks. I waited in love sick anguish for it to come back to me in the mail so I could continue my mini series of recapped life experiences. I write these posts in the same environment every time. Propped up on my beautiful bed in my cabin attic at night with only the small lamp on, instrumental music of any sort playing and my day planner opened to the appropriate date range. It works a lot like a Pensieve. My favourite day this year so far has been Sunday, May 27th.


I should have known this day was going to be perfect when I ran into my friend Manny and his camping mates on my morning pilgrimage to find familiar faces. We greeted the morning with a bowl full of sangria and naps in the shade. Upon reaching my desired state of excitability I ventured to the Gorge with the full expectancy of watching all my shows solo. I might be a little too comfortable with exploring life all by myself, I feel like I’m my own best friend. Okay, it’s kind of adorable, but I swear meeting new friends is my second favourite thing in this life.
My line up started with Tycho, I first listened to them on a wet evening beside a fire in a cabin in Tofino and all I could imagine during the entire set was surfing in the overcast, writing postcards on a blustery beach, and showering outdoors in the frigid spring air surrounded by a forest.
The beautiful German band Apparat was my second notable performance of the day. They have an amazingly hypnotic stage set up. Light bulbs on stands littered the stage and lit up in time with the heartbreaking and smooth electronic transitions. I want this band playing at my funeral or at least at the wedding I’m never going to have to an elf from Lothlorien. I’m confident I travelled to another dimension during this set; I felt my soul take an unannounced trip to the Pleiades and back.

Bon Iver

Right up there is the stage set up for Bon Iver. That hanging tarzan burlap goes three rows deep! What happened during this performance was the most emotionally intense ninety minutes of my life. Remember how I wrote that my soul astral projected to the Pleiades and back? Well it came back with full awareness of everything in my life. Within the first ten minutes I felt myself forgiving a few people in my life that I had harbouring resentment towards, I saw the rest of my summer exactly the way it ended up happening and I connected with someone I had just met a few moments earlier in the deepest way possible. Can this be every day life? I have never been touched my music so strongly before, and save for the very few people who were obviously not aware of their own selves at that moment the entire hill and rest of the crowd were dead silent the whole time. When the set ended everyone slowly shuffled back to their tents to reevaluate their lives and I said goodbye to someone that will have forever left an impacting crater in my life. Although we see life in two completely different but exact same emotional ways, I am positive we will meet again in another life or somewhere in the middle.

Columbia River, probably.

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  • September 13, 2012 at 10:42 pm // Reply

    Kochanie, this blog post left me completely speechless and at awe on how deep, meaningful,expressive and emotionally charged your writing has become! You are GREAT! And writing is one of your exceptional talents! <3

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