Seattle Sunday

Our second day in Seattle was just as fun but a with more bus rides than the day before. If you remember the first time I blogged about Seattle last year, you would know all about the Crumpet Shop. I was so excited to take my mom there for breakfast and when we got there in the morning it was closed. For a month! I don’t know why they had to renovate, it was perfect just the way it was! Looking back on that blog post it makes me miss my Focal Point adventure buddies Rebecca and Drew. So to remind myself even more of Rebecca we had breakfast at a French bakery instead! We only had to wait in line for about 15 minutes to order an almond croissant, brioche, and macaroons. It wasn’t totally authentic but they wrote the names all in French. Good thing I know how to point and mispronounce food items. We also ate this meal at the park (did I mention we ate almost everything in the park). After filling ourselves up with not crumpets we walked around the city and I took pictures of myself and some old sewing machines.


Our first real stop was the Japanese gardens, and we got to take a real bus to it! I’m not going to post any pictures of it because I want you to go there yourself and I want it to be a surprise. I will tell you though that there are at least 12 turtles there that you can see swimming, roasting in the sun, and fighting with the koi fish. After the Japanese garden we ventured to the Asian Art Museum. the SAAM. It was pretty cool I guess, but to get there we had to walk a long way, and on this long walk we spotted a tea shop. If you know me even a little bit you should know that I stop for tea, at all times. It was like Seattle’s version of our Steeps Tea. You get to steep your own tea and everything! It’s called Remedy Teas and if you ever take me to Seattle, I will take you here.



Upon finishing our asian related adventure, we went back downtown to where else but Beechers Cheese. I got a grilled cheese sandwich, I was satisfied for hours! We did a few more things like ride the Monorail and look at the Space Noodle from below. We bought some fudge and more Kukuruza popcorn and we were ready to go home. Thank you Seattle, for being my readily available adventure city.



  • i am ever-so glad that the place of my birth brings you so much joy. i will take you to Seattle one day and subsequently, you must take me to this tea place (i have never been there!) :)

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