Seattle vs. Tacoma vs. Vancouver

Last weekend I went to Seattle for my birthday, and my Mom came with me for her Mother’s Day. I don’t think Mother’s Day has ever been so close to my birthday before, I didn’t even realise when I was planning the trip. Two celebrations, One trip!
This was my third real time in Seattle and I love it more every trip, unlike some other cities I know..*Victoria*
It was my moms first real time in the city so I felt like a sort of adventure guide.
Our first stop; the Seattle Public Library. By far my most favorite modern building that I have been in. I love that some floors aren’t accessible by escalator, and the glass walls are so hive-like. This was taken from the top floor. Whatever job that person has that gets to sit there, I want!


This photo was made on the mysterious all red floor. One of the stairs only floors. I think this guy would have approved of this picture of himself. I hope it’s okay that I stood there for a few minutes waiting for someone to escalate by. It’s like ice fishing!


After our extensive library wanderings we took the Underground Tour! It never made sense to me how a city can rebuild on top of itself *or how telephones actually work* but this tour totally explained it so well! *Not the telephone part*. It reminded me of Disneyland and walking through the beginning part of the ride before you actually got on anything. I very highly recommend this tour as it’s also pretty funny and doesn’t make you feel like a fool, like the Duck Tour. I have never and will never go on the Duck Tour.
Whilst in the Underground we came to a spot that used to be used as a place for people to kill each other. Crime was at an all time high during the time they were filling in the streets with 15 feet of dirt while leaving the sidewalks bare so you could potentially fall to your death, or be dragged down and robbed. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I took my first picture of a real live GHOST/orb. Our tour guide said it was “the most haunted area” in the Underground so I’m going to go with this is definitely a ghost and I really hope you have an alternate theory. We can’t all be running around believing in ghosts, what would come next? Running through the platform between 9 and 10?


Another fun thing that Seattle had a hundred years ago was terrible plumbing! Something about toilets reverse flushing and washing raw sewage down the bay to Tacoma. Regardless they had beautiful toilets to make up for it, delivered all the way from England and invented by some guy with the last name Crapper.


After that experience we were starved, as per usual traveling goes, so we ate at an Italian restaurants, a real one! We then walked to a really unique tea shop which was also an art gallery for ancient asian art/artifacts. And right after that we bought deluxe popcorn from Kukuruza. Ever since a co-worker brought home-made caramel corn to work I have been hooked! So thats the flavor I bought and I also got a to-go bag of caramel corn mixed with cheddar corn. Apparently its the best seller, I’m not making this one up!
We got back to our hotel, ate popcorn, watched the very end of National Treasure and then the very end of Billy Madison. It was 9 pm and I shamelessly went to bed.
This was only part one! Part two should be up soon!

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