Seventh Inning Stretch

This past unofficial long weekend Antonia and I embarked on our much anticipated adventure to our slightly older sister city, Seattle. We had one real reason to be there, to see Enter Shikari play on Saturday at El Corazon. The other days were completely open to spontaneous (mis)happenstance!
I obsess a little over the weather predictions and for a week beforehand it said that on Friday it would pour and soak and flood like never before in Seattle. Good thing I just bought new gumboots! We woke up at my house at the crack of dawn on Friday and sunlight poured in through the skylights. I made a last minute decision to scrap the gumboots and risk it in just my Toms. Luckily the weather prediction was completely wrong as per every time always and it didn’t rain a drop while we were there. It was a bit of a joke throughout the trip, thanking god that I didn’t haul my gumboots all the way there for nothing!
After a seamless border crossing complete with finger printing, scanning, and joke making we were on our way ahead of schedule! In case any of you plan on taking a bus down to the States, I highly recommend Amtrak busses and highly do not recommend Quick Shuttle or Greyhound. This is coming from experience and nothing else!
Our first stop was at the public library. I have never been so consistently amazed with modern architecture before! We explored every single floor and went all the way around the spiral! We caught a free showing of a documentary about undamming a major river in Washington. It was dammed about a century ago and ever since then the salmon stopped coming up it to spawn. Obviously, one does not simply catapult oneself over a massive dam. They have started the de-construction of the dam and in about 2 years it will be complete and free flowing like a river was born to be and I think the salmon will return and we can eat even more smoked salmon eggs benedicts! Everyone wins when we undam rivers, I’m telling you!


On a more consumerism note, has anyone attempted to shop at Nordstroms? I don’t think they could make the shopping experience any more traumatizing. A Ryan Seacrest walks up to you in a suit and microphone and introduces you to another Ryan Seacrest that will be helping you today. And by helping they mean false compliments and pushy salesman ship. They didn’t have the particular Toms I wanted but Antonia got her very first pair! Black burlap. You win this time Nordstroms…

We noticed a sign at the hostel that said a Seattle Mariners baseball game was tonight. Oh yeah, we stayed at the Green Tortoise Hostel we couldn’t recommend it anymore! Very comfy and warm beds, free breakfast and beyond perfect location. We can’t guarantee that you won’t run into a Californian lady who spills off twenty small California cities in a single sentence though. Anyways, baseball! We had no idea how much a game would cost but we set our budget at $30 and we ended up with the seats that you see us at above. Super sweet deal for us since we’re used to $150 nosebleed Canucks tickets, and by used to we mean we know it’s that much and know we can’t afford it, ha! We stocked up on food and snacks which actually lasted us to the bus ride home two days later. We couldn’t stop munching the entire game, but neither could anyone else around us so we figured we were doing it right. The game lasted until it was dark by which time we were freezing and now realized why all the moms had brought blankets and toques. Antonia made pant socks and i fashioned my utili-scarf into a hat-shawl-scarf. By the start of the ninth inning i couldn’t wait for the Mariners to finish losing so we could drag ourselves back to the hostel to warm up.


Earlier in the day we had stopped at Beecher’s cheese for some mac and cheese, or penne and cheese as it actually was and Dry Soda. We both got rhubarb Dry Soda and fell in liquid love. On our walk back from the stadium we found a Dry Soda outlet and promised ourselves we would buy a case on our way home.

P.S. The seventh inning stretch isn’t the home stretch of the game that I thought it was. Its actually a time for the audience to stand up and stretch. Brilliant!


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