Space Stadium

Montreal had their Olympics in the late seventies which makes perfect sense because they made all their buildings look like they are about to take off into space. Which is totally my style of building. The night before we came to the Olympic area was the first of our pub crawls. I think it’s safe to say they started as the worst and the last one was the very best. I felt like a zombie walking around this concrete area because there was no one around, I was so very sloth-like, and there was one guy lying on the ground trying to take a picture. It was all very 28 Days Later.


For some reason I thought only taking one pair of shoes, my Toms, was a good idea. Classic mistake. Upon returning to the hostel those amazing clouds pictured in the pictures let loose and completely soaked my Toms. They are pretty much ruined forever smell wise, but it was a brilliant excuse to get these really cool leather shoe/boots. It was such a relief to have warm feet again!


That night we decided to undo what happened the night before and do our own pub crawl with the addition of Michelle, another Australian but this time living in Banff. We bonded over my shoes because she was looking at them only hours before I bought them. We went to Brutopia, which is the funnest pub/venue ever. It’s like the old RichardsOnRichards in Vancouver. Except we tear down our awesome venues… Anyways, we saw a jazz/hiphop band make some crazy music, grooved a bit, drank a bit, and decided to move on to some place called the Winston Churchill. Nothing like the Chill Winston in Gastown. It was like being in a mob mafia movie. Brittney was approached by a top hat, leather jacket wearing old man, Matt yelled at some Barcelona people and I just stared straight ahead with my fifth drink.


So many activities were done that I keep referencing to my day planner/time capsule. That night Brittney, Becky and I went to bed late with sheets in our faces because everything seemed like the funniest thing ever. I guess the girl sleeping above Becky talking in her sleep and farting was a little on the “OmfgImGoingToDieSuffocatingTryingToStiffleMyLaughs” side. This still makes me laugh every time I think about it.



  • I have just laughed myself silly for 10 minutes thinking about the farting snoring woman ;D Then I thought about the snoring, whistling situation Britney put up with and laughed out loud again. I am getting a few funny looks in this rather quiet, subdued hostel.

    • October 22, 2011 at 6:12 pm // Reply

      Hahahaha! Good thing I’m at home alone, I almost forgot about the snoring whistling situation!! I’ve laughed so much writing this blog.

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