Sun Sparks

I have a habit of checking the weather network’s 14 Day Trend several times a day. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the line that indicates the high temperature to go above 10 degrees. Right now it’s flatlined at 10 with 13 days of rain. Weather fail!
My body all of a sudden needs the sun to function, I’m probably morphing into a plant. I’ve had a lack of chlorophyll headache for days now, and I know that if maybe even just for 1 hour if the sun were to breach the clouds I would be cured at least for the next 13 days of rain.

On the ultra bright side, the 14 Day Trend for Paris right now is ALL sun, and for at least the first 3 days that we are going to be there it will be sunny! Based on the Weather Network, which is usually always wrong all the time, but I’ll believe them this time…

Anyways, I was leafing through my recent photos and I found one that I took on probably the last sunny and non face freezing day. I miss you white cloud puffs!

Steel Giraffes

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  • yes, get over here, it’s SUMMER !!
    yesterday was 17˚C ! it was so hot !

    aaah but it will only last a few days, it’s gonna go down again of course, but still, YAY !
    hope the weather’s nice and warmish when you come…
    so SOON !

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