Surf lessons in the kitchen

A little over a week ago I wrote the first birthday Tofino post. Since then I’ve come back from Sasquatch and I can not wait to tell you ALL about it. It feels a little weird to be going back in time to finish talking about Tofino, but trust me, I don’t mind at all. Saturday was our only full day to play so we spent the better part of it surfing! I learnt how to surf last summer through lessons and I managed to stand up maybe two times my first day. I thought instead of spending money and time away from me to have my brother take lessons, I would teach him myself in the kitchen! I did some intensive yoga first to avoid any unfortunate wetsuit injuries, because when a wetsuit kicks your butt so hard you can’t walk for days you are never going to let that happen ever again. We spent about 30 minutes practicing surfing on the hardwood floor and about 2 minutes on water safety, hey you get what you pay for. We got dressed, rented boards, and were on our way to play with mother natures tides.


It was a perfectly mostly over cast day, we got into the cold Pacific and started paddling. Within 30 minutes my brother has basically caught up to me in surf ability and I take full responsibility for it by being an amazing kitchen instructor! It might have even been my favourite surfboarding to date! Its such a surreal experience to be floating in the ocean holding onto the surfboard and judging which of those waves in the distance is going to be your next ride. Quite similar to sitting at the top of a mountain run waiting for that gap in the riders for your turn to ride upon natures frigid skin.
It was a secret mission of mine to catch the same wave as my brother and watch as we both rode towards the shore, I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to pressure him into keeping up with me, but it did happen once! Of course during this dualie ride I ended up surfing right up beside him which freaked him out so he jumped off and i walked onto his board while still attached to my own and face planted into the shallow water sand. I have no regrets!

Long Beach

We surfed for hours until complete exhaustion. My brave and patient mom watching us and waving to us the entire time. We ate tacos and a salmon burger at Wildside Grill, no other meal would have sufficed a post surf appetite. We drove back to the cabin for tea and fireplace naps, but not before taking an out door shower! It was probably 12 degrees out but all the previous guests that wrote in the guest book said that it was the highlight of their stay at the cottage. They were all basically right; it was such an experience being surrounded by forest and ocean that to be drenched with hot water in the middle of it all was a beyond perfect ending to this nature bonding day.

Ferry Home


  • I want to be there!!! Surfing and outdoor shower and salmon burgers and tacos and tea and fireside naps?!???!? Sounds like such an amazing adventure!!!

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