the Cathedral Grove scamper

I turned twenty three years old this month. Ever since I can remember I would wish on my birthday cake that I could go to Australia. When I was eleven my cake wish came true and I spent six of my most cherished months living there. After that year I started to wish that I could be eternally happy, that wish came true when I was eighteen. I can’t tell you what I wish for now because the only reason those previous two wishes came true was because I kept them mostly a secret! I’ve stopped asking for presents for my birthday and instead invite family and or friends along for adventures. Last year was with my mom to Orcas Island in Washington. This year my mom, brother and I sailed away to one of BC’s most precious gems, Tofino.

Horseshoe Bay

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been here before. Again,again and again. There are more posts than that but you’ll have to find them yourselves by typing ‘Tofino’ in the search bar on the right, but only if you want to know how crazy I am about the place.

We started the weekend off right by having a pre-adventure sleep over at my house, which is basically camping anyways! We listened to the StepUp podcast hosted by Rou of Enter Shikari while playing the Dexter board game. The podcast is a positive approach on sustainability and addresses economical and environmental concerns with a solution based mentality. Doesn’t hurt that he also introduces you to some hip new tunes! For the record, my brother won this round of Dexter, updates on who won the second round coming up.
We awoke before the crack of dawn to make it on the first ferry out. The clouds were having a hay-day but I could tell they knew it was my birthday so they held in their water droplets for basically the entire trip, they had no mercy for the mainland though, look at that torrent!

Angry Rain Clouds

We stopped by Cathedral Grove to say hey to the old growths and share some energy with them. It had rained heavily before we arrived so the train was flooded in areas, good thing i brought my gum boots! My mom and brother on the other hand were a little less prepared and half the fun was watching them step around the mud banks in their commoner shoes. We had a very close encounter with a woodpecker, except it wasn’t a Woody the Woodpecker kind. It was a silent pecker, so it just looked like a bird who was having a bad day smashing its head into a decaying stump, poor guy. We carried on into Tofino to our cottage that we had rented. Remember when I went to Tofino with the gang and we stayed in that amazing wooden house? Well this time we stayed on the same property but in the smaller cottage. Pretty surreal coming back to that spot, some memorable things happened on that trip I’ll tell you what!

Mackenzie Beach

We ended the first day with a slow wander across Mackenzie Beach and gumboot wading in the ocean. After the forest incident everyone agreed that gumboots needed to be bought, and bought they were. The comfort of dry feet in a wet environment is one of human lifes greatest pleasures. We came back to the cabin for tea and had quietest sleep I’ve had since probably the last time I was in Tofino. Much more exciting things happened the next day! It involves surfing and outdoor showering. I’m writing this post with a giant pile of my camping and life stuff piled infront of me while I wait to be picked up. I’m going to Sasquatch tomorrow morning! I’ll have to finish Tofino blogging in a week and then quickly dish out music festival posts before I’m off again to Europe. I love this life. Here is one more picture just for you!

Mackenzie Beach


  • May 24, 2012 at 10:53 pm // Reply

    Can’t wait for the rest of the story Kochanie! Even though I was there it is still so nice to read about it! And the pictures are AWESOME!Worthy of a gallery exhibit!! SERIOUSLY! You are a gifted artist kochanie!

  • Im so glad you told me about this. My birthday wish is that i get to go on an adventure with you.

    See you there!!!
    –chad/Mickey the Jump/met you tonight at Sasquatch/said goodnight way too soon.

    • June 4, 2012 at 11:24 am // Reply

      Charles! I just read your comment now. Your birthday wish would be my pleasure to grant! I’ll start planning now!

      See you in the middle!!

  • And you used to say you didn’t want rainboots…! :)
    The pictures are gorgeous, you know how much I love a good ocean and clouds shot…

    • June 4, 2012 at 11:25 am // Reply

      Oh how wrong I was! Such a naive Vancouverite I was! Pretty much any awesome photo of the sea and or clouds reminds me of you.


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