the Green map

After our exhausting day of gorging and exploring we needed to sleep in until noon to digest everything. We dedicated this day to going to all the green parts we saw on the map. It was a really slow paced day which was a welcome relief. These were the Luxembourg Gardens. Perfectly trimmed trees and people walking at just the right pace so they are all behind a tree while i take a picture of this.


Finally! A picture of food! We had about one of these sandwiches a day. Mmm crisp bread. In the background is the new backpack I got for the trip and my trusty new stead. I almost never leave home without it. And it only allowed one attempted robbery the whole trip! Big win for this backpack!


The first park we went to this day was walking distance from our hotel and an elementary school was having their sports day is seemed like. Little kids running inside hula hoops around a pond, cute! We found some very authentic looking stone steps that were probably carved by ancient people (probably). Wait til you see what we could see from up there!


Yup, you guessed it, an overcast and a Sacre Coeur. You can see that thing from anywhere it seems. I’m pretty sure it did not rain at all during this day. Watch and learn Vancouver. Just because you are grey and heavy, doesn’t mean you have to cry all the time.


And since noone was talking pictures of me, I had to do it myself. This wasn’t the same day as the parks, but you don’t know that.

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