the Space Elephant

I promise today we went to more than two museums! Well, two museums and an aquarium. It counts! Our first stop was Dali’s Workshop/Museum. We found it on our first trip to Montmarte by accident, which was the best way to find it! Dali is one of the only artists that I actually go out of my way to learn about so it was extra special to see his art in real life!
Probably his most famous image/idea, the melting clock!


My favorite image that Dali created is the Space Elephant, i never knew it turned into a sculpture! Also I love pyramids (see: only going to Egypt part of Louvre).


After spending what seemed like hours in that little studio space we ventured over to the Musee de Musique. It was nothing what I thought it would be like. It was a full audio tour with every instrument ever created (or so it seemed). I just finished reading the Other Boleyn Girl which described instruments that looked exactly like ones like this! You can’t see this, ha too bad, but the inside panel is painted like one of those real paintings you see in real museums. Awesome!


This little nerdy gem is one of the first digital music making machines. It’s probably the machine they mixed the soundtrack to Star Trek on. I am so kidding! I have no idea what this is, but Jeff was really impressed by it so it’s probably like seeing the first computer ever made.


After this museum we decided not to eat (bad idea) and go straight to the aquarium (what were we thinking?!) We rushed through the Nemos and the Doris, saw some prehistoric looking swimmers, and went into an enclose that had crocodiles, all the way from Florida! We starved our way out and ate at the first restaurant we could find. It was the first time I drank Orangina, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I didn’t know it was like Orange Pop but for adults! Where has this been all my life? Should have taken a picture… oh well, you know what it looks like, and my birthday is coming up.

Next post will have views from high vantage points!

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