the Start of Something New

Oh hi!
Welcome to my new home on the internet!
This is where Im going to guide you through all the adventures of my life through photos, words and song.
Okay! First adventure up to bat: Stanley Park!
Its one of my favorite exploring sites in the city, and two weeks ago on a super frigid morning I went there on a field trip with my class =)

You can pretty much smell the frigid wilderness. One tree however decided that spring starts now, no matter what the other trees were saying.

Guess what season is coming up? Egg hatching season. Baby crows hatching. Angry mother crows swooping down and chasing you down the street! I know exactly what these crows are thinking. “Hey Jim, see that girl over there, Ive seen her walk past our nest at least twice now. Give it another month and I’ll swoop down at her so fast she wont know what hit her”

Next is an example of polite nesting birds. No screeching, no swooping, not a care in the world, except to build the most badass nests in nature(next to Storks)

Good bye Stanley Park!!

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