there’s no honey at the honeyhole

I woke up on the third day from the deepest most restful sleep I’ve ever had in a hostel. Antonia and I both fell asleep in our matching Enter Shikari shirts (cute) and wore them for a few consecutive days afterwards.
The last time I was in Seattle with my mom we went on the Underground Tour and i caught an orb in a picture! I wanted to show Antonia this awesome haunted underground so i sat through the same jokes a second time around, for the ghosts sake! There was a smart-alec kid there who was constantly raising his hand to ask/answer questions like “let me guess, the dynamite blew up and Seattle burned…AGAIN”. Come on, it was because of him that the tour guide didn’t go into detail of the prolific red light district of the 1900’s and the huge number of murders that occurred in the haunted part of the Underground. Well now you all know! I still recommend going on this tour, just make sure you are the youngest person there and bring your/a fake student id for a cheaper ticket!


It ended up being a really hot day, a whole 20 degrees! Spring as per usual was taking its sweet time to show up so up until this day we were used to a max of 10 whole degrees! We were quite dehydrated, blame it on the ghosts sucking out our essential nutrients, so we ventured to the nearest Starbucks to order the largest drink size they had! The size of drinks you can get in the States is the equivalent of a big gulp here. A ‘trenta’ sized shaken black iced tea, half sweet. Write that down, in case you ever want to surprise me with a drink before we go on our picnic/firstdate/roadtrip.

I had heard a lot about this Capitol Hill place. ‘Go there they said, it’s where all the hip kids go they said.’ So we went. Uphill all the way, with our gigantic drinks condensing all over our hands. In fifteen minutes we were there and thoroughly impressed! Beautiful people almost everywhere. It reminded me a lot of the new Gastown/East Van vibe, all hip and independent and delicious. We were advised by a cheeky hostel guy to eat at the Honeyhole. He told us it smelled like honey when you walk in, naturally I was intrigued, I mean I am half Pooh Bear. It didn’t smell like honey. There wasn’t even honey on the menu. What they did have were sandwiches, the best sandwiches I’ve ever tried. At least in the Top 3 of all the sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. The atmosphere in there was as described by Antonia “its as if the Naam and the Eatery had a love child and it decided to make sandwiches for a living”. Perfect!


The gentleman in the green shirt at the back is wearing a Canucks shirt. I wonder if he could sense that we would be knocked out of the playoffs about 5 hours after this photo was taken. Speaking of shirts, we looked inside the Value Village in Capitol Hill and i found one that said “I take the ‘the’ out of Psychotherapist”. Wow, props to whoever tried to wear that in public.
We started on our way back down the hill to the hostel to pick up our bags and leftover baseball snacks. We bought more snacks at Kukuruza popcorn, because you really can’t have enough of that stuff. The DrySoda flagship store was closed when we walked past it, probably for the best as my backpack was started to weigh enough to suggest I was away for a week. We boarded the bus and ended up having the same old English bus driver. A note to anyone that isn’t a Canadian citizen yet and has a PR Card that has expired. Don’t worry, they let you back in the country anyways, as long as you sent the application to get it renewed you’re good to go. And yes, it does take 4 entire months to have a new one reissued. Hey Canada, I’ll work for you part time to process these type of things, it will reduce the overall stress of the entire country, I promise!

Goodbye Seattle, you were so gorgeous in so many ways.



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