Two weeks ago Sarah and I embarked on a great adventure to Tofino to go surfing, Westfalia’ing, and feasting. It only took me this long to write about it because the night before the trip I moved into my new place in Kitsilano, and I felt unpacking was more important than blogging. I need to get my priorities straight. I crossed a few things off my “Do Before I Leave This Planet” list those four days I was away. One of them was to ride the earliest possible ferry out of Horseshoe Bay. Win! After having a zombified ferry breakfast full of caged chicken eggs and unopened Cabin Log maple syrups we had an amazing nap in the van on the comfort-town bed we made. We spent a few hours in Nanaimo judging it for its strip malls and looking for a Canadian Tire while being fooled by Petro-Can’s. One of you get a new logo! Upon purchasing camping necessities we forgot to bring we headed for Tofino! On our way we made note of all the little places we had to spot by on our way back. No stopping for anything until Tofino! Okay, we stopped once to get interviewed by a Canada Parks guy who showed us the way to free cake and peach drink. Thats a story for real life.

We found it!


The first day/night we spend eating our faces off and attempting to make a fire. We failed. We tried everything you see on tv/your dad do on family camping trips. Teepee shape, kindling, newspaper, a lighter, blowing on it…everything. We felt like total fails so Sarah asked the french canadian woman in the site next to ours how the heck their fire is so much more superior than ours. She comes over with a giant lid of sorts and start fanning the crap out of it. Fire Magic! No kidding forest fires! All you need is 10 km/h of wind and you’re effed. We had an amazingly huge fire in no time. S’mores were made, fingers were burnt, clothing was rescented.

Hey here’s a salty beach!


That night while we were going to bed, thinking about the surfing ahead of us the next day, I was lying in bed scared out of my pants because I knew Sarah’s boyfriend Alejandro was coming out that night to surprise her/scare the crap out of us. We were texting all that day without Sarah knowing to plan the best “plan d’action” for her surprise. Apparently he had an idea that didn’t include shaking the van while we were asleep. It had something to do with calling Sarah about a “vivid dream” he just had and convincing her to walk around the campsite in pitch darkness to find some waterfall. Anyways, it worked, and it was amazing. 30 minutes later a wild cat came into the van while we were laughing about what just happened. While it was macking all over Sarah and Alejandro it attacked my fingers with its razor claws and made them sting for days! Thats one more minus for you, cats of the world!

Doesn’t this look like the raft they make in Lost?

Lost raft

Our second day was surfing day. It was cloudy and misty and I was scared I would freeze to death. Turns out wetsuits are for real. I never thought I would ever love surfing as much as I do now. The first day I was a total fail and only stood up a few times on the easiest board ever made and I secretly enjoyed just lying on the board and body surfing and floating in the water with my wetsuit. But unlike other things in life, the semi-fail of the first day only made me more excited for the second day. The second day was equally as grey and misty but somehow we both ended up with amazing hand tans. And I stood up, maybe half the time. I think it’s safe to say I love surfing almost as much as snowboarding, which is HUGE. Guess what else I got on the second day? A jelly fish sting! On the same hand as my cat wounds. Win! Nothing like the sensation of burning, stinging and freezing to remind you that you are alive with nerve endings.

You can’t tell from this picture was it was actually freezing cold and windy. And also hot at the same time.


More s’morage, more firage, and a lot more feastage. On the second night we went to a show in Tofino to see Blue King Brown. They were really musically tight live and induced a lot of hippy dancing. Not by me, but you should have really been there. After surfing the third day we went into town and while we were in a surf shop I was contemplating buying new flipflops. 10 minutes later both of my Volcom sandals completely disintegrated. Good thing they had more Volcom sandals! I also bought my new favorite shirt, it has a shark on it, with its mouth wide open. Just like a good shark should be.



Part Two is going to have more random stories and a picture of what we’ve been feasting on!


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