Tofino’s Inside Jokes

I lied.
I don’t like surfing as much as snowboarding. I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot lately and have to tell you that it’s not even a close race. This is what lust does! Blows everything out of proportion! I did the Grouse Grind last weekend (no, I know, seriously) and I saw snow, and was almost okay with summer completely missing it’s stop in Vancouver and just going straight into white mountains. Climbing a mountain also blows out proportions so I might come back here in a week and change my mind again. Anyways, this post is about the little side stories you need to hear about Tofino.

Salty Sands!


I found Tofino to be one of the most delicious towns I have ever been in. Every single thing I ate was listed as “new favorite food of all time!” Sarah told me about the salmon burger at Wildside Grill about 3 weeks before we left for our trip. I like salmon, sort of, but when I tried this burger for the first, second and maybe there was also a third time, I was in food heaven. I didn’t even have time to take a picture of it. If you like spicy food, which i really don’t, I find it painful and I want my eating experience to be as pain-free as possible, you’d really like the Chicken Tacos. I’m pretty sure Sarah ate one of these a day. That would be four times. I helped eat them on the fourth day and my mouth was in food hell, but my taste buds made it to heaven. I also really don’t like lime but it didn’t even matter on these things! Conclusion: Tofino has magic in their food.

The spice factor also varied from day to day. This day they went crazy on the spice.

Chicken Tacos

I guess I should formally introduce you to my latest adventure buddy, Sarah. Sarah Madix. Madix. Or Seraphine Madix, depending on the Harry Potter context. She drives me to Tofino. I addict her to Harry Potter. It’s a very even trade off. She bought that shirt she’s wearing at the same place I bought a very different tank top on our second day . See, so much in common already! We’re actually already planning our next surfing trip for the end of August. Then we’re going to the Harry Potter theme park. Via portkey.

This photo was taken moments before the chicken tacos were ready. Notice the deep concentration before ascending to food heaven.


You know those times when you get a sign from the universe that reassures you that you are on the right path of life, or at least meant to be at that place at this time? Well that happened in Tofino. And it wasn’t the moment when that wild cat scratched me. It was when I saw this drawn in the sand! You know I didn’t draw that because my printing is nicer than font, and Sarah hadn’t seen the seventh movie at this time. In fact she hadn’t even seen the sixth. I determined that it must have been that wild cat, which I from this point on called Crookshanks.

I would never made the letter ‘a’ look so awful in the sand.

HarryPotter. I didnt do this I swear.

On our way back, just outside Coombs(COOMBS!!), we stopped at a parrot refuge. It was closed, but there were still some extremely obnoxious and cute parrots in the outside cages so we went to have a look. Sarah was brave enough to pet one of the lesser scary birds through the cage and it was pretty heart warming. The place was for birds who were abandoned by old people who thought having a tropical bird in a cage would be nice company for their final years and by divorced parents that didn’t like their arguments repeated back to them by a tropical bird. As much as I would have liked to show some love to the forsaken pets I wasn’t going to risk my right hand to be mauled by a third animal in four days. At the bird refuge was also a plethora of wild deer! The cutest of the knobby kneed creatures. See the last picture of my previous post! We also stopped at an ancient trees forest to have a look at the 600 year old trees that some how survived a forest fire or two. Half of the nature walk was blocked off because a tree fell on the walkway. This is also the place i got sap on my sandal and reassured myself that ‘this is why I can’t have nice things’.

I bet that the tree fell on that bridge on purpose because the bridge used to be its tree-wife. And he has sacrificed himself to be closer to his dead tree-wife and also to stop humans(tree-wife killers) from walking on her with our dirty sap filled shoes.

thats the last time we build a bridge out of trees

Thus ends my first adventure to Tofino! Click on one of the photos and you can see the bird love picture on my flickr. It’s like an easter egg, but I’m telling you exactly where it is.


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