Twenty Twelve

If you look at it long enough the ‘Tw’ in Twelve and Twenty look like they shouldn’t be there together.
Today is the first day of the year and I’m sitting in my bed surrounded by soft friends and amazing light coming in through the skylights. This post I just wanted to recap and be thankful for the most amazing year I have ever had. I was actually kind of sad to see Twenty Eleven leave last night, and now there is this huge expectation to one up it this year.
I am extending a dare. I dare you Twenty Twelve, surprise me!
From memory, without the use of my faithful day planner, last year started off with Paris. What a trip! Go back to my posts in April to read about it, but this trip was the catalyst for some major life changes. There were some dark times, Harry. But only for a few seconds.
I got myself set up back in Kitsilano, went to Tofino the day after and another two times during the year. Had some of the sweetest hangs with my bestie Sarah who fully embraced my Harry Potter obsession, we even have a shared Hedwig stuffed animal now. I kept my Disneyland pact going again this year, once a year every year! Went on some of the longest solo nighttime bike rides ever, climbed Grouse Mountain twice, and will never do it again. Took a life enhancing trip to Montreal by myself and met some of the most interesting people I’ve ever crossed paths with, I’m pointing at you Becky, Britteny, and Mat. I’ve dedicated this winter to Cypress Mountain and the development of my calf muscles. I’ve started laughing out loud more, especially during my brit/aussie comedy tv series. And I’ve met some amazing new people that have enhanced my recent adventures and life in general.

Heres to being your new best friend, traveling, photo taking, and telling you all about it.


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  • January 1, 2012 at 10:28 pm // Reply

    This was such an inspiring sharing Kochanie!
    Let 2012 be a continuation of your wonderful adventures so you can soar high and far on the wings of Love, Passion, Adventure, Joy and Inner Peace! Happy New Year!

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