Wetsuit Malfunction

After Alejandro and Nathan’s recon mission of the Botanical Gardens we assumed it was safe for us to go in by day light. Chickens and turkeys were everywhere! Its a little weird looking at your Thanksgiving meal in the face. There was driftwood art all over the trails, it felt a little Lost-esque, like I was waiting for strange whispering to come out of the forest. In a little pond near the turkeys was a sign that said there was a crocodile in the water. We also saw a chicken mate with a hen. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. We walked back to the cabin for some much needed relaxation and to prepare for Tofino’s Jingle Into Christmas. It’s their yearly sale day where all the surf stores are open until midnight, have sales and give you free beer. Dear Tofino, why are you so superior in every way?


I knew I had to buy a wetsuit. I mean, I have no real money, there is a sale, and I probably won’t lose my job anytime soon. It all seemed like the best idea. Who knew that you had to stretch before trying on a brand new wetsuit? My previous experience was with cold, wet, worn a million times wetsuits. Easy. This time not so much, and with a hood! I basically hurt every muscle I didn’t know I had in my back and neck taking two wetsuits on and off. I settled for the second one I tried on as it only took about fifteen minutes as opposed to the other one that took about thirty. Anyways, it was Tofino so even with this major inconvenience I was stoked! Once paid for we went to one more store, which was playing Foster the People and got us right in the mood to party all the pain off!


I forgot to mention what we had for dinner! Before the nighttime shopping spree we stopped at Wild Side Grill to have Salmon Burgers, Fish Tacos, normal Burgers and a soup of some sort. I’ve gone on about the food in Tofino in my other Tofino posts so I’ll leave you with a visual: DroolFest2011.
We managed to come home, poorer and in way too much pain. And by we, I mean mostly just me (so far. there are more injuries coming up! Keep reading!) We picked up the Foster the People dance party where we left off and continued on until about 4:30 into the next morning. Swords were swung, dance moves were created, bacon was cooked.


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