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After our last day of the first half of the trip we decided to go somewhere only a 21 year old girl named Natalie would want to go. Euro Disney. If we didn’t go I would have regretted it, but as much as I pretended it was the same as the real one, it just wasn’t. Good thing I didn’t bring my camera! I have a fear of it not being allowed on rides (leave it on the side for someone to steal), or it being allowed on and I forget to worry about it and enjoy myself (camera goes flying into the never ending abyss (SpaceMountain)). But it looked something like this! Except I didn’t actually get to hug PoohBear because he was “closed” and I was cold. =)


watching/listening to the LittleMermaid right now. New Little Mermaid thing coming to Disneyland soon.

So the day after “Disneyland”, we started with our museums. And just to get the anticipation out of the way we started with the Louvre. It ended up being the hottest day of our trip, a whole 20 degrees, and we were so not prepared. This is me eyeing the glass pyramid wishing I could climb it.


We spent around 4 hours in the Louvre and we saw every Egyptian thing. I really wanted to see the Easter Island head but apparently you have to plan that our years in advance as its really hard to find. I thought if Robert Langdon could find it so could I…maybe next time. I’ve been in love with Egypt since elementary school so I very excited to see all the things France could steal from it and put on display. For the record, I prefer these things to be in a museum than bombed in a random middle east war. But i would also much prefer for the Egyptians to still be around and ancient and have a use for all of the things we saw.


Speaking of war! I saw this documentary about the Second World War and how upon the threat of Hitler coming to Paris, the museum people started putting all the most important art pieces in hiding. The best story is how they had to take the Winged Victory, seen below, down a ton of stone steps not using cranes or anything and almost breaking her. I forget where they hid her but Hitler also didn’t know which was awesome because this statue is a beast (in a wonderful way).


After getting tired of being lost and walking we decided to leave (more getting lost), but on the way out we saw the thing I’ve been waiting forever to see! The upside down pyramid. We need more upside down things in this world.


After we walked out of the Louvre, we sat on some real grass! My first grass sit of the year! We had a quick break and thought we would try to walk the entire Champs Elysses. So we tried, and got to about the Obelisk. Which is not very far at all. We looked to our right and saw the Metro. Easy way out! We ended up going to the Notre Dame. The line up to climb up the tower was huge that day so we decided to go underground instead, into the crypts! There weren’t any dead bodies or anything, dang, but the ground work for old Paris was down there! I still don’t fully understand how you can build a city on top of another city, but I guess it’s possible since I saw it. I wish time machines were a common everyday things because I would love to see how Paris looked when the first level was around. I think we were so exhausted by the previous days line ups and this days unexpected heat that we turned in early and went home. Sorry! Tomorrow we do some more exciting things that may include a Space Elephant sighting!


  • the “Winged Victory” statue is my FAV statue of all time. i dunno why i’m so nuts about it but i’m ever-so glad that it remains unbroken (except for her head, where did that go?). i heard it used to be on the bow of a ship at one time…and i think she’s carved to represent the greek goddess Nike (Victory)…too bad a sportswear company punked that name cause it’s cool sounding. yup.

    • May 2, 2011 at 11:53 pm // Reply

      I actually just learned a few weeks ago that Nike is a greek goddess. Companies shouldn’t be allowed to rape a name like that. Love the Winged Victory too. I pronounce it “wing-ed”, i heard that somewhere. I want to be the wing-ed victory! I guess i could just wear a toga and throw my arms back..

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