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After a few weeks of gorging and hibernating I’m ready to be a normal Natalie again and keep my day planner fully booked with fun hangouts with you and snowboarding. This next week is supposed to bring some much needed nature made powder to my second home this winter, Cypress Mountain. I still can’t believe how my life worked itself out to be living in the sweetest attic in Kits, three days off during the week and a seasons pass to my favorite local mountain. It’s like the Natalie’s Wish Foundation has exploded into perfection. I know it’s probably from all my GD positive thinking and stuff, but I like to think there is magic involved in the whole process. Speaking of magic, I bought myself an iPhone! Yeah, I know! Me! Before I got it I was planning on bringing my Canon up the mountain with me for some serious adventure photography but as lucky as I am in life I also can not have nice things. I find a way to break or wear out anything that costs any amount of money. I figure a phone is safer in my pocket than a camera on my back anyways so I’m going to share with you some iPhone photos of Cypress. I promise not to make this a habit! I still love my camera to pieces and appreciate proper aperture settings and what not but I need to show you this!


I’ve been going up alone for the past couple weeks which has been such a Zen experience. Especially early in the mornings on weekdays when you don’t see a single person other than the lifties for hours, and I have my music and I pretend that I’m in Art Of Flight. I guess you have to experience it, and I know a few of you reading this have but snowboarding with music and no one around has got to be in the Top Six best experiences of your life. Well it is for me and if you have any other suggestions for Top Six best experiences you should tell me so I can enhance my life experience list.


I took the above photo on my most recent trip up a few days ago. You can see Bowen Island from this vantage point and it always reminds of the one time i went there and cut my knee on the smallest twig. Small side story! My left shin has become a yearbook of sorts for injuries I’ve sustained in places that I love. A huge gash from a decaying fence in a river in Australia left a nice long memory, pressure cutting myself while surfing in Tofino right below it, small cut from a santa hat wearing snowboarding at Cypress and a twig wound from Bowen. I’ll show you sometime and we can compare life stories.


The day i took that photo I did the slowest run on my life. I must have been going slower than 2 year old me learning how to ski. You literally couldn’t see 3 meters ahead of you, i felt like I was riding the mountain from memory. It was a little like that scene in the Matrix when Neo is in an empty program. Or like how people describe dying. It was so dense you couldn’t tell what little noise there was what direction it was coming from. I hope this is inspiring you to come snowboarding with me. I promise I can keep up and I’ll wait for you if you’re a noob and want to learn how to ride from your best friend, me.


And as lame as my job kind of is, it pays me to stare at the mountains while I’m sitting talking to your mom on the phone and enough days off to actually be on the mountain. I’ve also met some of the best people I can call my friends at work, who in turn introduce me to even more ultra cool people like you. They also opened up this totally chilled out hippie hang out room on the 17th floor of the building for optimal Mountain Staring Sessions and beanbag naps. Perhaps if you become a level seven laser lotus friend I will invite you up one day!

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