For the first time since I started writing this blog the reason I haven’t updated in one month is not laziness but because I’ve actually been adventuring the entire time. Montreal must have been the catalyst for my life’s ascension into proper Adventure Mode! Allow me to give you a super quick update of November before we go in depth about Tofino:

Sarah and Alejandro had a really wicked Halloween party at their place which I bought new Toms for, met Nick (a new super awesome Harry Potter friend), and met Liam who has been my constant mate for food eating, epic walking and just general fun having times when he is not away rescuing people in the middle of nowhere BC. I watched Sarah get a finger tattooed, I also saw her break that finger but thats a story for a few minutes from now. I went to Jessica’s birthday party at Funky Winkerbeans where I soloed FlightOfTheConchords Rhymenocerous vs Hiphopopotamus with some much needed moral support from my new friend Matt, who is now my super fun snowboarding buddy. We went up to Cypress for the first time about 3 weeks ago, super sunny skies, snow soft enough to only hurt myself a little bit, and very little wind! And just to keep the new friends coming, remember Becky from Montreal? Well she’s here now staying with me and the day after she arrived in Vancouver we took her to Tofino for 5 days. We being Sarah, Alejandro, Nathan and I.


The five of us piled into the Westfalia van, headed to Horseshoe Bay and let the hilarity begin! I was probably laughing 75% of my waking time during this trip.
Once we got on the island we made an obligatory stop in Coombs to stock up on cheese and bread so the beer wouldn’t feel so lonely in the fridge. By the time we got to Tofino, it was dark and I saw more stars that I have in years! Even my lovely Orion was barely visible amongst the billions of filler stars.
After only missing the turn off once we found our beautiful cabinHome, unpacked and started planning out which boardgame we were going to obsess over first. That night we went to visit our old friends at the Tofino Brewing Company, I even bought a growler and I don’t even like beer. I really like large glass jars though. You should go visit them everytime you are in Tofino! It’s basically the rule. We ate dinner at Shelter. I tried a Caesar, I’m still not fully convinced, but it is my gateway into liking pepper which I currently don’t like but definitely should!


We ended the night in tears as Nathan and Sarah kicked our butts at Monopoly. I swear they should change their slogan. Monopoly; tearing families apart since 1934. We then brought out Apples to Apples which was to be our nightly tradition of hilarious fun times and family bonding.


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